And then I had a hissy fit.

Wedding Hoopla Day 3 (Friday)

I resolved the frozen pork shoulder incident by thawing them in the sink filled with water…*sigh* Braised them in my famous Pepperoni Sauce and served them over cheese tortellini. The masses approved….

Our Florist called about noon to say the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres were done and did we want to come take a sneak peak at them….hells yes we do! So Britt and I load up, and Vivi meets us there on her way back from picking up Fluffy Squirrel Girl at the airport and we go drool, oooooh and ahhhhhhh over the ridiculously beautiful flowers. Vivi, being Chef Vivi wanted a mix of fresh herbs, along with belles of Ireland, heather and calla lilies. Who knew herbs would make such a beautiful bouquet??? Not me.

Also?? Hugged my FSG, my daughter I’ve never met, until I’m pretty sure she nearly fainted from lack of oxygen. And she squeezed me right back….:)

I had a little time to kill before heading the airport to pick up Red, so of course I stopped at an antique/junk store, bought the cutest wood Coca Cola crate to store TP in for my bathroom….’cause you know, I haven’t spent nearly enough money this week already….

Grab Red, hug her tight and then back to the house to finish up the food ’cause Peeps will be arriving in an hour…

27 people. All this space and where do they congregate?? In a big bunch. In the middle of the kitchen. So no one can get to the food. Oy….

Greet my Arkansas Family. This…this is monumental. I haven’t seen my big brother in about 10 years. I have a great Nephew whom I’ve never met. There were tears…..that’s all I’m going to say about that……

Have a meltdown when we can’t find the bag with the Bridal parties jewelry in it….have a glass of wine when we find it…

Almost have a wreck on the way to the rehearsal.

Miss my exit for Spearfish and don’t realize I’ve missed it until I see the sign that says “8 miles to Wyoming”….backtrack 14 miles.

Stop talking to Red and pay attention to where I’m going. Not so good with the multi-tasking….

Giggle when the Flower girl (who turns 5 on Sunday) and the ring bearer (who turned 3 in August) decide they like each other and start holding hands, as they wander around…..have a complete moment of awwwwwwwwwwe when we catch them hugging each other!

  Come home, realize I can’t load the background music on my ipod for the DJ to play as guests arrive because the Best Man has hijacked it for some inexplicable reason and has it in Spearfish with him.

Me: Hon, where’s my ipod?

Hubs: Cash has it.

Me: Wha???? I need it! I have to load the background music on it!!





Pack up my laptop to use instead. Awesome. ‘Cause A) I have sooooo much extra room in my car for another bag (NOT) and B) I’m super happy to have one more thing to carry in the morning. Vow to sic BRIDEZILLA on him at the first given opportunity. Reconsider as he’s too young to die. Vow to step on his toes with authority while dancing. Or kick him in the shins and run away…


Head to bed around 1 a.m. and set my alarm for 6…..



PS…..As it’s after midnight as I write this…..