A.A.R.P….what it really stands for

I’m 50.

A.A.R.P. sent me a Congratulatory letter.

And a promise of a free travel bag for joining.

That’s just mean…

I retired 15 years before I’m eligible to get paid for it which means I’m broke and have no money for travel….






However, I did join. They promised me cheaper rates on Major Medical. After paying my $16 bucks I went online to check out their health-care plans….guess what? They don’t offer any in my state.

So I’m stuck with a plan that refuses to pay for anything spine related (the only thing I really need coverage for at the moment) for which I pay $232 smackaroo’s a month. We only have 2 carriers in our area providing independent coverage, BCBS  is other one and they sent me a lovely rejection letter when I applied saying “Thanks but no thanks”…



Asshats Arbitrarily Repealing Promises.

Abominable Agitators of  Retired Penny-pinchers.

Always Available to Really Perturb.

Abundant Asses Ready to Pester

I could go on for days….

But I won’t.

I’m gonna sit here and wait for my travel bag to arrive in the mail. Then I’m gonna re-purpose it as the Amazing All-purpose Receptacle of Poop for the next time the dog crap needs to be picked up in my yard….

Because I can…