Fear, thy name is Stalker….

I can’t determine if she’s obsessed with my Hubs because he struck up a conversation with her Sunday morning, or if she stalks us out for revenge but either way she’s a problem…

Let me explain….

I first saw her creeping around my front yard a couple of months ago, she ran as soon as she saw me. (Chef Vivi can verify this first siting) She’s shown herself periodically over the subsequent weeks but now the frequency of her appearances is increasing dramatically; always early in the morning, always alone, always flees when discovered. She’s becoming more daring….more persistent….ever more terrifying.

No one else ever witnessed her unusual behavior until this last Sunday. In her increasingly bold ventures into my life, she revealed herself to my Hubs and he, being the friendly unsuspecting man that he is, made direct contact, drawing her in closer and closer with his charming banter and beguiling ways….

Today she reappeared. Bolder and less cautious than ever before. Openly calling with plaintive cries for my Hubs to come outside and join her, encroaching with an abandon never shown before….

I was afraid, and yet mesmerized by the longing in her voice. Was it Him that she wanted, or just the comfort of another willing to share a warm place and shelter her from the cold dreary drizzle of the morning? She paced the perimeters of my property, calling, calling, calling out in loneliness and despair….OR WAS IT???

At times her calls took on a defiant tone, she began openly gazing at me with undeniable menace. Her pacing ranged from a slow meandering to rapid aggression and back again as if she was experiencing a gamut of emotions.

And then, as if in defeat, she wandered away casting backward glances at me that seemed to say “You haven’t seen the last of me.”…

I shivered not from the cold dampness in the air but from an unshakable feeling of fear and apprehension….

Why is she here?? I can only think of 2 possible reasons; She covets and wishes to woo my Husband away from me, or her intentions are far more sinister. Does she possibly know what we harbor within the confines of our cozy home?? Is revenge her motivator??

You see, my Husband has committed murder.

I can no longer hide his actions. He kills. He kills for the sport as well as sustenance. This could well be the reason for the terrifying stalking of my home by this creature. Perhaps on one of his killing spree’s my Hubs has taken her family, her one and only, her soul mate from her. Grief and revenge can drive the most docile of us mad….

Is this why she haunts me with her constant vigilance?? The evidence is here in plain sight, prominently and proudly displayed. The proof that could be the horror and devastation that drives her:

















Could one of these be the ass-end of her Beloved??? Or worse, her Son???

I shudder to think of the torturous revenge she’s planning….Look at her. Look at the face that haunts my nightmares and fills my soul with despair:

She shows no fear, no hesitation….

I can only conclude that she’s checking the security and strength of my fortress….

Constantly scoping the perimeter, searching for a way IN.

That sidelong glance my way, is it a longing for my help or my doom??

Do you see how she paces back and forth with no regard to the possible danger she puts herself in?? It’s like she doesn’t care anymore….

I shudder to think of the many ways she could torture and prolong my agonizing demise….

If I turn up dead, mangled by beak and talon, I pray that you never forget how much I love and adore you all but more importantly Y’ALL FIND THIS BITCH AND ROAST HER ASS FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER.