The Grammy Whisperer…


My name is Gus and I melt my Gram’s heart…


It started the second I was born. I didn’t really try to steal her heart, it just happened…


I guess I’m naturally charming or something. She yells “MY TURN! MY TURN!!” so she can hold me whenever I wake up or I finish eating and stuff…

She doesn’t seem to mind changing my diaper, even when I make pee-pee fountains…she’s kinda weird like that…


And she’s always smooching me and sniffing my head and stuff…

She does make a pretty comfy pillow, I’ll admit that…

I think she really likes me or something…


Grammy and Peanut’s Day of Fun!

I had the GrandPeanut all to myself all day Saturday…we had us some adventures!

First, it was a gawguss sunny day so I wanted to take her to the park for a stroll. I had originally intended to take her to one of the parks in Rapid City that has a playground as she’s developed a love of swinging, but as I was driving into town I passed by the new Outdoor Learning Campus West that Luke and I have helped raise funds to build through his Black Hills Sportsman’s organization for the last 3 years and decided to check it out as I haven’t been there since it’s official opening…also, it was way closer!

I was using a stroller that I was unfamiliar with (thank you Auntie Bambi for giving it to us!) and Miss Peanut decided she would rather not be transferred from her carseat to the stroller as Grammy was taking a long time to figure out how the heck the straps worked….She was LOUDLY making her opinions known and in the midst of her temper tantrum her pacifier went flying and ended up under the truck parked next to us…way under.


Just as I am about to crawl under there to get it, I hear approaching footsteps and “eh hem” in a decidedly masculine tone and look up to see the owner of truck looking at me with a mixture of amusement and curiosity…

Me: Hi! *flashing my most charming smile* I need to crawl under your truck??

Him: *blink*

Me: Because my Granddaughter *shows him adorable baby with RED FACE* dropped it and it rolled under your truck and it’s the only one I have with us and she’ll be very unhappy without it. *turning up the Southern, batting my eyes and trying to look all girly and helpless* (Because I can. Yes, I believe in being a strong, independent woman who can fend for herself, however I was NOT looking forward to scooching under there on my belly. Parking lots are dirty and I am not above using a man for the yucky stuff.)

Him: Oh let me get that for you….(See? Worked like a charm!)

And the nice Gentleman does, laying on his belly and army crawling under there to get it. BUT it goes to show, no one can resist the Peanut, (mad red face and all) combined with the helpless Southern Belle bit…

Paci all washed up, and I’ve finally figured out the straps so away we go! Our first stop is a beautiful foot bridge, I come around the front of the stroller to point out the duckies in the creek and guess what?


And that pretty much sums up our stroll, I push and she naps. I point out various interesting features and she naps….

Not sure what the structure behind her is, but she was totally impressed....

Look Avery! There's a lookout tower you and Poppa can climb!

I’m so happy I could introduce you to such a beautiful, fun place that you can nap in Baby Girl!

She is her Grandfather's Granddaughter, she woke up in time to see the fishing pond....


By the time we’re almost done and ready to leave she’s wide awake and so I decide to brave the Mall and take her to see her Mommy as I need to order some new glasses anyway (Brit is a licensed optician at Lenscrafters).

She liked the idea of going to visit Mommy...

I didn’t hate the Mall, people are nicer when you’re pushing a cute baby in a stroller who is smiling at everyone we pass….

And we shopped! I only bought 3 outfits, a faux pearl bracelet, some ruffled socks, a beanie with little bear ears and one pair of shoes for her. I’m really getting good at this restraining myself thing! And 2 pairs of shoes for me…

Come on, how could I resist???

I feel that by taking her shoe shopping I'm teaching her about the important things in life....

And look! We ran into Auntie Bambi and Kianah! Cuz I couldn’t possible spoil Peanut enough all by myself, reinforcements were needed!

And then we came home, mostly cuz Grammy spent enough money. Plus, Poppa was having baby withdrawals. See that smile? That’s cuz Poppa talked to her…definitely Poppa’s girl….

The hat....I die.

And now y’all understand why I didn’t get my stupid sewing homework done don’t ya?? I had way more important things to do….

Avery takes precedence over tote bag fiasco’s, along with pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE!


I’m not opposed to bribery….

Dear Avery,

I have your baby car seat installed in my truck. It has toys attached to the handle that jingle and makes happy little noises when I drive, it’s all ready for you to get comfy in for your ride home from the hospital.

I was all geared up and ready to meet you on Monday when you played peek-a-boo with us, and now waiting for your arrival is even harder than it was before….Grammy is really antsy and you’re just being a stinker!

I’ll make you a deal. You come on out asap and I promise I will always have bubbles for you to play with, and I promise to always let you have the first cookie out of the oven even though your Poppa will pout because he won’t get the first one anymore. I promise to read your favorite story to you even if I’ve already read it to you 20 times that day.

In addition, I promise to always keep your secrets, so you go ahead and tell me everything. I promise not to judge you unfairly. I promise to never let you forget how brilliant and beautiful you are. I promise to never, ever tell you “not now, I’m busy” when you want to play, Poppa can order pizza for dinner or make a PB &J.

You have my word that I will attend every sporting event, dance recital, school function you participate in, and to cheer loudly and with much enthusiasm even if you suck at said activity. While we’re on the subject of school, I also promise to always have your back if kids pick on you….

As God is my witness you will never have to endure the horror of orange-powder-coated fake macaroni and cheese from a box. Grammy will make you the good stuff, with real cheese. Ditto for instant mashed potatoes….

I promise not to let you leave the house looking like a slutty no-no when you’re a teenager. Furthermore, I promise to teach you respect and manners so Grown ups will find you a joy to be around as opposed to a spoiled pain in the ass. I promise to help you remember to toe the line, and to know that your actions will have consequences so that you will grow up to be a mature, responsible human being. You’ll thank me later for instilling these fundamental values in you….

Because I love you soooooo much, I likewise promise to leave the driving lessons to your Poppa….you are welcome!

So, you have to admit I’ve made you a pretty sweet deal….now come play with me already!!!


Your Extremely Impatient Grammy


Top 10 things I want to do with Peanut, plus 11 more…

I’ve been thinking about Avery’s (aka Peanut aka Fatty McChubChub aka my about-to-be-born-any-day Granddaughter)  future a lot lately with her arrival time getting closer and closer….Not practical things like how much am I going to put in her savings account every payday for her college education, or teaching her baby sign language or how often to flash Baby Einstein cards at her. Nahhhh, nothing like that, just fun ways to spent time together!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. She’s getting a camera when she’s like 3, so she can learn to take pictures of bugs and weeds and rocks…

2. I’m taking her hiking. Even when she’s itty bitty….

3. Spend nice Sunday afternoons at Storybook Island.

4. Bake Poppa cookies in matching aprons like these while we sing along to my ipod, loudly and off key…and dance. Gotta do the happy baking dance, cookies just don’t turn out as well without the dance

5. Plant flowers, ’cause playing in the dirt is fun for Grammys too!

6. Teach her to ride a 4-wheeler. Ok, technically this will be Poppa’s job but I’ll be there to take pictures of them while it’s happening! And then take her 4-wheeling in the hills, preferably when it’s muddy! (see #5 above)

7. Have movie junk food days when the weather is icky. Lotsa classic Disney, lotsa gummy bears, teddy grahams, homemade chex mix and ice cream sundaes with extra sprinkles!

8. Make spaghetti because I’m sorry, spaghetti covered little faces are just a photo op waiting to happen!

9. Make mosaic stepping stones for the garden, and let her put as many marbles, rocks, and hand prints on them as she wants…

10. Paint Christmas ornaments for the family, because the ones my girls made with their Granny every year are still my favorite ornaments on the tree.

11. Read. and read. and read….sitting with her in my lap while we read “The Pokey Little Puppy” for the 100th time sounds like heaven. 🙂

12. Skype with Auntie Vivi and Uncle Dan so they never feel like they’re missing out, and neither will she…

13. Finger Paint. I plan to buy those mongo rolls of paper like they have in Elementary schools so she can roll out 10 feet of it to paint a mural masterpiece if she wants to!

14. Talk. Listen. The first for her, the second for me. About whatever is on her little mind….

15. Blow bubbles while she dances and giggles trying to catch them! There will be gallons of bubble juice at Grammy’s house….

16. Snuggle on the couch with our matching pillowpets and take naps. (yes, I’ve already purchased her pillowpet that matches mine, wha??? They’re comfy!) Or just snuggle….it’s all good!

17. Watch her Poppa teach her how to fly fish…

18. Get dressed up and go for Grammy/Granddaughter mani-pedis and then somewhere fancy for lunch.

19. Let her fix my hair and makeup as much as she wants, and put as many clips and barretts in my hair as she possibly can!

20. Teach her how to take care of a puppy. Peanut needs a puppy, I’m thinking a Bassett….

21. Let her make her own list of things she wants to do with me….