Lesson 8, Battling the uber picky adult…

Ugh. Here’s a partial list of things my Hubs will pick out of his food:

  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Peppers, of any kind be they sweet, mild or hot
  • Olives, of any kind
  • artichokes
  • eggplant
  • goat cheese
  • feta

(This is also a list of my favorite things to eat…Hence my dilemma.)

My Daughter, Chef Vivi is…well….a friggin Chef. Her spouse (Captain America) thinks the only acceptable spices are salt and black pepper. Condiments and sauces are evil. Mustard is Satan…Hence her dilemma.

So what are a couple of adventurous cooks to do??? Personally, I left the “icky” stuff out of recipes for about 10 years before I said the heck with it and starting making him pick around it but that’s just me….

 According to The New York times, our cooking is not the problem in most cases. Thier study showed that 78 percent is genetic and the other 22 percent environmental.  Which means my Husband comes from a looooong line of nuttin’ but mashed potato eaters. Guess what else that means? If you’re a picky eater chances are you’re going to raise one too. Oy….

How to grow up and eat your damn vegetables. Or mustard. Or goat cheese. (seriously, who doesn’t love all cheeses equally??)

1. Do you want your own little rugrats to pitch a fit every time they don’t want to eat what Mom cooked for dinner? NO??? Then buck up and eat what’s in front of you, ya big babies! It’s called leading by example…you can GTS.

2. Clear your mind for the love of God. I swear 90% of adult pickiness is a mindset. Betcha a dollar if you did a blind taste test you’d like the majority of things you’ll go to your grave saying you HATE. Prove me wrong…

3. I used to tell my kids, “you don’t have to like everything you just have to try everything”. And see tip #2 before you try something new…

4. Add more fat to your recipes. Everybody knows butter and bacon make everything better!

5. Leave the yucky stuff in big chunks. I spent a long time practically pureeing ingredients only to have someone find the one piece of onion more than a 1/4 inch in circumference and then proceed to make that face. I’ve learned to just leave them big enough to be easily pushed aside.

How to not waste your time on the chronically picky.

1. Resign yourself to the cold hard truth that they are, in fact, willing to starve for their convictions. So don’t even bother making it a battle.

2. Logic is wasted on them. Have a glass of wine and just ignore the pile of uneaten food left on their plate, better yet make their picky asses clean the kitchen after dinner and you’ll never have to acknowledge the uneaten.

3. Whenever possible just put stuff on the side….you’ll save yourself a headache.

4. Always have a bottle of Barbeque sauce on hand, according to my husband anything yucky can be tolerated better if doused in the stuff…oy.

 5. Teach them to cook. If you can’t beat them at least teach them to fend for them-damn-selves….

And try really, really hard to develop a blind eye. When you figure out how to accomplish that please teach me how….