Heh heh, Guess what I got?

Ya know how you look for the BEST souvenir when you go on vacation?

Something unique, that really captures the memory of your trip??

Ya know how Chef Vivi used to be a sailor???

Guess what we did?

We got matching tattoos!


This was taken as soon as we got home from the tattoo shop! Vivi’s arm is upside down here!

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new tattoo for a couple of years, since the only other one I have is about 31 years old. I haven’t seen it in years, it’s on my hip bone and I’m “fluffier” than I was back in the day so there’s a fat roll obstructing my view!

My other tat was done in someone’s home (I know, I know. But it was pre-HIV era and we didn’t know any better). I was completely and totally schnockered during the whole process…It’s a….unicorn. A sweet little colorful unicorn floating on a cloud….I was 20. It was the 80’s. Don’t judge me…

This time I put a lot more thought into it. I knew I wanted something meaningful and symbolic for me. I found a picture of a Celtic symbol for Mother and Child online andย  I mentioned it to Viv one day a couple of weeks before Gus was born and she was immediately onboard!

We knew we wanted it to be uber feminine, no hard black outlines. We tweaked the original photo, I drew up a sketch and after Gus was born we started searching for a reputable shop on the Island, armed with a couple of recommendations. We talked to artists, viewed shops (checking for cleanliness!) read online reviews, waiting to get a warm fuzzy feeling. As soon as we met Brian at Lot’s of Art our search was over! We made our appointment for the following day…

Did you know you can’t get drunk as Cooter Brown before you get tattooed anymore?? Rules man….


This is me, all healed up! I chose purple (I took Brian a paint color card from Home Depot! A first for him he said ๐Ÿ™‚ and he managed to work 4 shades of purple into that thin little line!) for the main design, to represent the month of February which is my wedding anniversary month. The 2 colored dots in the middle are Garnet and Alexandrite (It’s actually pinker than true Alexandrite, but the truer lavender color disappeared into my skin) to represent Vivi and Brit respectively, with their babies represented on the sides, Peridot for Gus and Citrine for Peanut.

It’s simple. It’s symbolic. I adore it!


This one is Vivi’s, with one little Peridot dot for Gus! She left room to add more dots for MORE BABIES! Hers is about 25% bigger than mine…

I did not tell Hubs we were doing this. I surprised him when I got home!

Guess who is going today to get one of her own? Peanut’s Mommy! So both my girls and I will have the same symbolic ink, customized for our own babies and taste…