Thank You, and not just on Sundays

You Peeps amaze me!

The Blog had 213 more visitors in September than it did in August and now has readers in 36 countries! Honestly, I couldn’t even name 36 countries….Where is Oman?? Anybody?? I have 2 readers there, please tell me where you are and how the heck you found me!

GROWTH IS GOOD!! (unless we’re talking about my rear-end and then growth is bad, but that’s a post for another day!)

I started this little venture on a whim. The idea just popped in my head one day, I pushed it to the back burner and let it marinate for a few days. Then I did some research, found a webhost I liked, plunked down my money and bought my domain and never looked back!

I’ve written a new post every day for the 80 days since went live. Some days I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the torrent of words flying out of my brain.  Other days I sit with fingers poised on the keyboard waiting for something remotely interesting to say, completely unable to form a coherent thought. Waiting….

Some days I write multiple posts because the ideas just appear out of nowhere and pretty much write themselves, so I end up stockpiling stories which comes in handy for those days when I got nuthin’….

I’ve written drafts that seemed great at the time, but I’ve never published because in retrospect they don’t seem that great. So they sit in my drafts folder waiting to be reworked into something worth your time…

I find inspiration in the wierdest places, at the strangest moments; I wrote Dear Ben & Jerry, Grammy’s got your back in my head on my way to work. I logged into my computer and wrote the draft in 3 minutes! It took me longer to find the links I wanted to include than it did to write the post…all because I read a snippet of a story on Yahoo about the One Million Mom protest.

The single most popular post to date has been No really, you SHOULDN’T have which I totally wrote as a joke, the second most read post has been Date Night which honestly I thought was just a little filler piece…Then there are the posts I labored over that held very little interest for anyone but me apparently, A totally scientific study in cultural differences being one of them. I thought that one was funny as hell in a very sarcastic kind of way. Ya’ll disagreed!

I am most proud, from a writer’s standpoint of The loss of small town innocence. It came straight from my gut, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried almost the entire time I was writing it. It’s difficult to type when your vision is blurred and you can’t see the monitor….

Why do I blog? Because it’s theraputic, like journaling for some people. It’s gratifying. It makes me look at things and people around me in a whole new way, because now everything is fodder for the Blog. I saw this t-shirt online that says “I’m blogging all of this” and I’m soooooo getting it because it’s absolutely the truth!

I used to have things like E-online and CNN online bookmarked on my laptop. Now I have the Urban dictionary and bookmarked because I get tired of describing thing as amazing and I’m sure you get tired of reading the same adjectives over and over…

This Blog has become my hobby, my obsession. It’s now what I do. I get up in the morning, review the day’s post for the 100th time and then publish it. Then I spend about an hour reading and commenting on other Blogger’s sites to help generate traffic to mine. I write, edit, rewrite or proofread at work when I have time. I write, edit, research, rewrite, proofread, photograph some more when I get home. I average about 4 hours a day working on drafts.

Everytime one of you hits that little “share” button at the top and bottom of every post, I get a new reader or 2. So THANK YOU, from the bottom of heart. Thank you!


Bucket Dumpers…

When Vivi was in grade school she came home one day and said her teacher told the class that everyone fit into one of two catagories: Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dumpers, the Bucket being a metaphor for one’s feelings, and sense of self worth. So if you’re a Bucket Filler you do what you can to make others feel better about themselves and the world around them. A Bucket Dumper on the other hand takes whatever self esteem you have and spits on it, they try to poke holes in your bucket so that it can never really be full….


The Blatent Bucket Dumper, note the sour face…

I’m not a fan of the Bucket Dumpers. Not even a little bit. I’ve known several over the course of my life and it took ALOT of putty and bondo to fill the holes they left in my bucket. I still know a few, and do my best to distance myself from them and let their perpetual bad moods  just roll off me.  Sometimes they make this difficult to accomplish. You know the ones,  they maintain a sour expression. They don’t smile and often  return your pleasant greeting with a grunt. I’ve never understood that. A cheerful “Good Morning”  or a “Hello” only takes a second to return, but that grunt of disdain may take the person who recieved it all day to shake off…

The Ninja Dumper, rotten on the inside…

The worst kind of Bucket Dumper is the Ninja Dumper. This one is harder to spot at first but after repeated exposure you can pick them out of a line up. These are the people who smile, exchange pleasantries but under the polished exterior they are lacking a heart. They may chitchat with you,  and then make light of  your opinion. They demean and embarrass all the while protesting that they are “just joking”.  They won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus if they think it will make themselves look better….Ninja Dumpers feed off the amount of misery they can inflict on others.  They are expert at deflecting the blame for their own mistakes….

My philosophy is “I’m going to believe today will be a good day, til someone proves otherwise“….I try to be pleasant, and cheerful.  A Bucket Dumper can change my whole mood in the blink of an eye however. And once my mood goes downhill it’s realllllly difficult to elevate it again.  I stew….I fret…..and unfortunately, I sometimes end up dumping someone elses bucket though I try to apologize for it later.  We all have our bad days, its part of life. But for a true Bucket Dumper it is the rule, rather than the exception. I always wonder why they are like that? Do they truly have no joy in their lives? And what happened to rob them of it?? And more often than not, I end up not only irritated at them but feeling pity for them as well…

The Bucket Filler, she wants to bake you cookies….

Let’s all make a pledge to fill, and not dump each others Buckets. Maybe bake some cookies….Deal?




Thankful Sunday…

I’ve decided that Sunday is going to be “Thankful Day”. So every Sunday I’ll post about someone or something I’m thankful for.

This week it’s…..

 This Guy.

 I love everything about him.

 Everything…..even when He can’t stop himself from being goofy. Love, love, love….

He is my husband. He is my best friend. He is my life. And I thank God for him every single day, not just on Sunday….

Enjoy your day!