I think I’m becoming a Hippie…maybe.

What exactly is a Hippie these days? When I was a kid it meant someone who smoked pot, believed in free love (meaning they were slutty no-no’s), didn’t necessarily shower on a regular basis, put flowers in their hair, wore a lot of tie dyed clothes, chanted and believe in natural organic products….

OK, I really only have the last bit of criteria covered. Lately I’ve kinda gotten obsessed with homemade health/beauty products (also cleaning but that’s mostly cuz I’m cheap frugal these days)…

I’ve always had dry skin but beginning in my 40’s I’ve had SUPER dry skin, bordering on the flaky scaly. Ick. I remember my Mom’s legs always being flaky, even as a kid I was not a fan. I’ve used a million different body lotions and creams over the last decade and even with slathering the stuff on after my shower my skin will still feel a little itchy once the lotion has absorbed. So I did what I do best; I Googled it. I found a DIY Body Butter recipe and I’ll never go back! No more itchy skin! I also made a sugar scrub using finely ground coffee, brown sugar and olive oil that is heavenly in my morning shower! I keep a jar of lavender hand scrub by my kitchen sink that’s made from white sugar, almond oil, Palmolive dish soap and lavender essential oil that makes my hands feel super silky…











I’m a fan….

My obsession started with this super simple recipe for Vitamin C Serum that I saw on Pinterest. I know the store bought versions of this serum are uber spendy and also very effective for aging skin so when I saw a DIY version I was intrigued. I order the 2 ingredients needed and I’ve been using it daily for the last couple of months. I’ve noticed a decrease in red spotchiness, but mostly what I like is that my face stays hydrated all day without getting that tight feeling I used to get about halfway through the day.

After that came the Body Butter success and after that IT WAS ON! What else can I make myself??? Potions, elixirs, and cures OH MY!

The clincher for me was the diaper rash ointment I made this weekend for Peanut who woke up Saturday morning with a terrible, horrible rash on her bottom that I suspect was a yeast infection. We’ve been using Corona ointment all her life for the minor little rashes she’s gotten because even though it’s made for use on livestock it came highly recommended by Auntie Bambi. It’s worked fine but after researching (googling) yeast infection diaper rash I discovered that an anti-fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment was needed. Coconut oil to the rescue! I found several recipes for coconut oil diaper cream, some of which I didn’t have all the ingredients for (namely shea butter and comfrey). What I did have was the Coconut oil which was the main component, and lavender essential oil which is good for healing wounds and burns as well as a couple other essential oils with healing properties so I whipped up a batch of my own creation. I really wanted Tea Tree oil but I don’t have any  so I went with what I had….I used it on her pitiful raw little bottom twice before she went home yesterday and sent a jar (empty baby food!) home with her Mommy who used it the rest of the evening. This morning the rash was 75% better! I wouldn’t kid ya….

Grammy’s Baby Butt Miracle Ointment

  • 1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 2 Tablespoons almond oil (optional)

I heated the coconut oil in a double boiler until it melted and added my essential oils then poured it into 2 empty baby food jars and stuck it in the fridge to re-harden and boy did it ever! So I reheated it by putting the closed jars in a bowl of hot water until it was liquefied again and added the almond oil to make it a bit more pliable when it hardened. Worked like a charm! ***Note: Avery’s Mom said her jar turned to liquid in their house because they keep their house a lot warmer than I do. If your house is really warm you can skip the almond oil. Hubs and I prefer our house on the cool side so I needed it. Totally optional either way**

A little bit of this ointment goes a LONG WAY. I just scooped out about half of a dime sized amount and rubbed it between my hands, the warmth liquefied it almost immediately which made it very easy to spread on a tender little tushy. The bonus?? When you’re done spreading it on super precious baby butts, you can just rub in whatever is left on your hands to moisturize! It absorbs very quickly and I love the smell!

Not all of my homeopathic remedies are welcomed with open arms around my house, when made my first batch of body butter I excitedly told Hubs about it and his sceptical reply was “I’ll stick to store bought lotion, thanks” because he’s a non-believer. Ditto for this morning when I offered Avery’s Mom (we’re both coming down with the crude Avery had last week) some of my newly made cough, sore throat and general cold symptom remedy she quickly changed the subject to evade having to try it….I took a spoonful this morning and I felt better so there!

Scoff if they will, I’m a fanatical new believer that natural relief is better and I can’t wait to get my order of different wonderful healing essential oils this week! Oh the potions I’ll be able to concoct….







Maybe my next Hippie move will be to try chanting….