Paint is my life…

My cuticles will never be paint free again. EVER.

All nails/wall anchors/various and sunder picture hanging apparatuses have been removed from my upstairs space and the resulting holes filled with hole-filling gunk. Y’all have no idea….


This is a 2×3 foot section of my dining room wall. I’m not really a “measure and work out picture placement” kind of girl. I’m more of a “nope, too low. Needs to go a little to the right. Ooops my bad” kind.










Lots of holes….

I forgot to take “before” pics until after I had taken everything down and the place was pretty much in a state of disarray but hey, at least I remembered before the job was completed. I’m improving! Kindly ignore said disarray and general state of chaos….


See the new paint samples on the walls? By majority vote, the 3rd from the left is our winner….


After removing 2 floating shelves, I had to call Hubs and ask him why the hell there were paint stirring sticks stuck to the wall behind the shelves…he said they were shims. Like that answer cleared up anything for me….


The Electric Magic Mixer tin sign on the side of the fridge says  “Why beat it by hand?”….that’s how I roll. Buh Bye boring oak!


The TV is hiding the stair rail. The one with the 9000 stupid spindles. Y’all know I hate painting spindles…*sigh*


I asked Peanut one day if she could be good and watch Sesame Street while I painted trim above her reach….

That look says "Heh Heh. Sure thing. You go right ahead and get on that step ladder Gram. I'm taking it as a NO.

That look says “Heh Heh. Sure thing. You go right ahead and get on that step ladder Gram.”  I’m taking it as a NO.













So I’m painting trim while she naps!

She and I had a play date at her new Babysitters house yesterday, to let Peanut get acquainted with the 2 other little girls there before she starts going there full time next week. I stayed so she wouldn’t be scared, she barely looked at me the whole time because she was too busy stealing the 3 year old’s cookies (oops) and hugging and tickling the 9 month old! Grammy who??


PS. It’s hard to get paint out of hair. I’m just sayin’….