That’s how many days until I get on a plane and start the long journey home…

I’m so excited!!!

I’m so sad….

I cannot WAIT to see my Peanut! Her sweet smile and giggles are like Sunshine, and I feel light deprived…I miss laughing with her Mommy, who has the most wicked sense of humor!

I long for evenings spent watching a favorite TV show with my Hubs, laughing, talking, just being together…I miss him like an amputee misses their limb, part of me is removed…

And as much as I miss them, I will miss my Eldest and her Son when I go home. Knowing it will be months and months (like 12) in between visits breaks my heart. My Grandson won’t know His Gram and Poppa the way his cousin does. Every year we’ll wait patiently while becoming familiar to him all over again…

I kinda feel like a Pushmi-Pullyu.


Anyhoo, here’s what we’ve done lately….




I do love Gab Gab beach at sunset….


Get your paws off my cake…

Greetings from Guam, the land of ALL THE HUMIDITY…

I’m settling into my home away from home. I wake up too dang early and I feel like an Old Geyser when I go to bed before anyone else but oh well!

Other than the humidity, I’ve learned a few things about Guam; the “Shiatsu Massage” business’s who’s signs are all lit up with Christmas Lights are full of Da Hookah’s and not the place for me to get a nice relaxing massage. There are A LOT of said business’s around here!

The 2nd thing is that chickens run wild and amok in these parts…

Lastly, the wire baskets hanging in the trees are snake traps….


Guess what I got to witness with my very own eyeballs?? A real life Top Gun-esque volley ball game on the beach, complete with cute shirtless little sailor boys! Yay me!

Guess what else I got??


That my friends is a “Peppermint Patty” Cake homemade for me by Chef Vivi! It was ridiculously scrumptious and I very begrudgingly shared it with the folks who attended the party last night…VERY. BEGRUDGINGLY. Like, they’re lucky they didn’t get their hands slapped for reaching for a piece…Like, when this uber sweet girl asked if she could take some home I’m pretty sure I growled at her…

Cake was friggin’ good y’all….