What was old is new…but still old


Y’all know my obsession with taking perfectly good but old stuff, slapping a coat of paint on it to make it all shiny and new looking and then distressing the crap outta it to make it look old and worn out, right??

I did it again!

If ya remember waaaayyy back to The Wedding and my 11th hour hunt for kitchen chairs, then you know that the chairs around my table are mismatched…well to be fair, 2 of them matched as they came with the table inherited from the Dearly Departed M.I.L but the rest were picked up CHEAP from here and there just to have enough chairs. I never minded that they are all different shapes and styles because for the last decade or so, I have dreamed of  such a thing happening so that I could make them each even more unique by painting them all a different color. Well…..

My dream has come true!

Forgive the kinda crappy cell phone pics. I was too lazy to go back upstairs to get my camera after having made 4 trips down to the garage already, so the “before” pics got taken with my phone. And to be fair, I took the “after” pics the same way, just to compare apples to apples….


This was after painting, but before all the fun distressing. The blue and green were spray painted because I had the right colors. The raspberry red and yellow ones were done with homemade chalk paint. The red wasn’t quite the right shade (a bit too pink) but I used what I had on hand and knew that I wanted to either glaze them or finish with dark paste wax so that would tone everything down…

Who knew that I wouldn’t find dark paste wax anywhere locally? So I ended up using a Minwax product called “Wood-Sheen” which is a rubbing stain and finishing liquid. It worked pretty well…


I’m much happier with the color now…and it was actually easier than using paste wax; no buffing…




I do still want to try using the dark paste wax on something but reckon I’ll have to order it….The blue chair also got a new cover on it’s seat. I heart it!



Being the lightest color, the Wood-Sheen made the biggest difference on the yellow. It really deepened the shade which is exactly what I wanted.


This one…..I’d been wanting to do this “spray paint through lace” technique I’d seen on Pinterest forever ago. However, the lace tablecloth I found at Goodwill for $1.99 made more of a snakeskin kind of pattern than a lacy one!


Or is it just me? At any rate, it was definitely fun to do!



I got the perfect amount of age on them during the distressing process and I can’t even tell you how happy all that color in my dining room makes me! Suffice it to say it’s a whole lot of happy!


This is the newest addition to the table top set I showed you a while back, the milkglass pieces are votive holders I think (?) as was the metal sphere in the middle that I spray painted with Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze and then I just glued them all together and stuck a red hydrangea on the top. Also makes me happy!

Lots of colorful happiness going on around here! Hope y’all find some too…


I’m not M.I.A, I’m BUSY!


Double Oy…

This has been a busy week so far, and it’s showing no signs of letting up. What happened to lazy, sleep in, do a bunch of nuthin’ retirement??

Yesterday, I did a bunch of laundry for the Hubs,  then I ran multiple errands. I’m not a fan of errand running…I am however a fan of refinishing furniture so I came home and did 2 end tables! Fun for me!!


I’m so fired. Seriously…..

One table is an old one I bought at a garage sale about 22 years ago. It was nice at the time but life with my daughters was not kind to it….it was ugly. Early American style, with spindles and an ugly maple finish and a marble top. I was soooooo over it. So it got a couple coats of paint….

I’ve been reading all over the place about chalk paint. It’s a new trend in the crafty world. It’s UBER expensive, like $35 smackaroo’s for a quart. So like everything else, some brilliant craft Queen figured out how to DIY the stuff. That’s the version I used, I wanted to try it for a couple of reasons;  one being that you don’t have to prep the wood (or whatever surface you’re using it on) so no sanding, no stripping, no primer paint. I am on board for that! Second reason being it gives a nice matte finish that distresses beautifully….

So I bought a $3 dollar 2 oz sample jar of a nice taupe-y color latex at Lowes. Mixed it 2:1 with Plaster of Paris and a little water per the DIY instructions. I sanded only the rough chipped places on the tables to smooth the edges, I did not sand the gloss off the surface….and I painted away. It left kinda bad brush stroke marks, but I’d read that was normal so I let the first coat dry (it dries really fast, like in 10 minutes) and then gave it a second coat. Much better! The only place it needed a third coat was the stupid spindles. I HATE SPINDLES!!! When it dries it has a slightly rough texture so I lightly sanded it with a 220 grit sanding block, did my distressing thing and gave it 3 coats of finishing wax, buffing thoroughly in between. I’ve never used finishing wax before either. I like it….it gives just a nice soft sheen instead of a super shiny gloss like most sealers do. It’s supposed to be super durable plus it smoothed out all the brush strokes….

This table is the end table my Hubs uses so I wanted to cover the worn out marble with something MAN friendly….which ruled out all of my scrapbook paper I normally use to decoupage! I decided on covering it with a map. I went to the used book store hoping to find an old world map, and instead found a topography map of our beloved Black Hills! It was perfect….

Course, me being me, I had to take a brand new map and crumple it up, tear the edges, poke holes in it and make it look old and dirty!

Cuz there’s zero fun in a shiny new map….

I love how it turned out, and more importantly so does the Hubs!

If anyone ever catches me buying another piece of furniture with spindles, slap me silly!  I’m totally serious….

I don’t know that the chalk paint is really any less work than regular latex paint because of the waxing process but I like the end results so I’ll use it again.

The other table is one of my super awesome $4 finds at Chef Vivi’s Goodwill. It’s going to be used as a night stand in my spare bedroom. I got it painted and distressed yesterday as well but I want to do some stenciling on it so it’s not finished. It will be part of the upcoming spare bedroom re-do post!

Today I have a double batch of chili and a double batch of beef stew simmering on my stove, both for Hubs to take with him on his Elk hunting trip to Colorado later this week….

Tomorrow I’m going to hold Bambi-Lou’s hand while her daughter has surgery to fix a broken ankle….(say little prayers for them both ok?)

Thursday Little Miss Peanut is coming to see us and spend some time with her Poppa before he leaves for 10 days. I’ll also be baking cornbread muffins, 2 loaves of beer bread and a batch of cookies for him to take as well….

See? Busy Grammy. And, happy Grammy!