The Times. They are a’changin’….

Christmas will never be the same ’round here…

When my kids were itty-bitty I quickly became very protective of their time on Christmas Day; we didn’t leave the house. Period. No Family get-together at either Grandparent’s houses, nada….Grandparents could pick any other day and we’d be there with bells on but Christmas Day my Babies were going to stay in their jammies if they wanted to, and play with all of the new treasures found under the tree and stuffed down the chimney. That tradition has remained for 26 years….

But now, there’s a new Baby in town who deserves the same courtesy so our Family Christmas celebration is moving to Christmas Eve so that Avery can spend Christmas morning at her own home in her jammies!

It’s gonna be sooooo weird….

I kinda stewed over how we would do the stockings as those are traditionally rummaged though with glee while Christmas breakfast cooks. Stockings are a big deal around here, no apples or oranges. They get filled with the good stuff. (obligatory assortment of candy in the “toe” section, but the rest filled with small games, a DVD, trinkets of various sorts and whatever else that I Santa could find that would elicit a “whoa, this is cooool”) The stockings had to be GOOD, as they had to entertain two little girls for at least an hour so that the whining to open presents was kept to a minimum. That way no one had to die on Christmas morning.  And everyone knows Santa fills the stockings so how the hell were they going to be filled on Christmas Eve before bedtime??? Hmmmmm???? I was stumped….

Hubs (being brilliant) had the solution; Grammy and Poppa would go visit Avery (and future wonderful Grands as we get more of them **hint hint Chef Vivi and Captain America**) at her house Christmas morning and deliver the stockings that Santa accidentally left at our house. Santa’s not as young as he used to be, so he’s going to be forgetful every dang year….See?? Brilliance is only one of Hub’s many attributes that caused me to snatch him up quick before some other heifer got him!

Speaking of Christmas radiant effin brilliance, I only have 2 more big DIY gifts to finish (and several little ones but we’re not going to discuss those right now). I can only show you one, as Avery is the only family member who doesn’t read the blog….

Little nesting dolls to teach her numbers, colors, and matching!

And they have their own little “home” for her to carry them in! They’re made out of little wood flower pots (only about 2 inches tall, Hobby Lobby for around $4) and little wood pegs (also Hobby Lobby for around $4). I used non-toxic craft paint to paint them and scrapbook stickers to decorate and then sealed everything with a non-toxic sealer cuz I know she’s going to chew on them! The box is just a wood lunch box type from Hobby Lobby (around $6) that I painted, decoupaged a little paper on the top and used the same stickers to embellish. I think they’re fun as hell even though 15 minutes after she opens it at least 6 of the dolls will be forever-more lost under the furniture (or in a Golden Retrievers gullet cuz we all know he’s an asshat)….still, for 15 glorious minutes she’ll think her Grammy is amazing!

I’m thinkin’ I should line it with foam or batting or something…

Otherwise, they’re gonna rattle around in there something awful!

I gave them all a different hair color, including this one:


Who’s going gray and is wearing red (my favorite color) so I’m thinking this one is me!