Smells like cookies up in here…

When my girls were itty bitty I started a Christmas tradition of baking way too many cookies and making way too many batches of candy on Christmas Eve and then pawning off on  sharing all the extras with the neighborhood…

As the girls have gotten older and decided they needed lives of their own the tradition has had to adapt. Some years I’ve done it all by myself, some years they were home to help. And we seldom do it on Christmas Eve anymore as there is SO much to do it takes about 3 days…that’s what happens when everyone wants a kazillion different kinds of cookies and candy. Oy…..

The reason behind the tradition remains however; it’s time spent together laughing, talking, stirring, tasting and in general trashing my kitchen. I wouldn’t trade it for anything…

Here’s this year’s requested goodies:

  • Chocolate Chip/pistachio cookies
  • Peanut butter cup cookies
  • Browned butter toffee chip cookies
  • Oatmeal butterscotch cookies
  • Cappucino cookies
  • Lemon cake pops
  • English toffee
  • turtles
  • Cookie dough truffles
  • Nutella bars
  • Peanut butter truffles (story behind these: Last year Red calls me and says “I’m going to need you to make me some of your Peanut Butter balls and send ’em to me” I replied, “Musta been somebody else, I’ve never made anything called a peanut butter ball in my life” To which I got “Yeah? Well then google a recipe ‘cuz you’re sending some” And so I did…..and they’re yummy and now one of our  Holiday goodie staples. Plus they ship well….but I refuse to call them Peanut Butter Balls.)

I started making the candies on Sunday, and Chef Vivi started cookies Tuesday. I don’t have any PTO left for this year so she’s been doing most of the actual baking. And its funny but no one seems to mind the 17 pounds they will gain over the next week…


No, I did not make her wear her Chef uniform whilst making cookies. Nor is this my kitchen. I just forgot to take a picture of any actual cookie making. Sue me…

Let’s face it, this time of year is stressful for most Moms. We do all the shopping, decorating, entertaining, baking etc….But this part, the spending time with my girls part, is what makes Christmas so special to me. And in the coming years with Avery to help make cookies??? I cannot wait!

Whatever your tradition, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Las Posadas, Hogmanay, Bodhi Day, Eid-el-Adha, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice I hope you enjoy your Celebration with the people you love and spend the entire day with a big fat grin on your face!