Holy yum Batman….

This weekend I made heaven for my face….

In the crock-pot….

And it was gooooooood…

THANK YOU sweet Lindsay at Pinch of Yum, once again you have shared a recipe of pure delight that is now one of our favs! Kudos….

I heart Lindsay. I get BUNCHES of dinner ideas from her because she knows what the heck she’s doing in the kitchen….Also, she faithfully checks in here to see what I’m up to. She never comments, but just about every day I see 2 hits from Pinch of Yum (not from a specific post that I left a comment on. I get a few of those from different blogs occasionally, you can tell the difference) so I can only assume it’s Lindsay and her cutie-patootie Hubby Bjork. It makes me smile, really big smiles!  If more than a few days go by without them checking in, I start to worry about ’em….

Cuz I heart them….

Anyhoo, back to the yumminess…..

Photo courtesy of Pinch of Yum. Cuz Lindsay is also a much better food photographer than me!














I made Carnitas. And when that tender, juicy, heavenly meat was done, I put it on fry bread with re-fried black beans, caramelized onions, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and shoved it all into my mouth with a most unladylike enthusiasm!

To say it was frikkin’ amazing is kinda an insult to how amazing this stuff was….Lindsay also has a recipe for tamale pie made out of the leftover carnitas pork but we ate so much of it that there’s not enough left over to make another meal! Dammit…..I was looking forward to some tamale pie….Note to Self: next time actually use the size pork shoulder Lindsay says to use SO YOU HAVE LEFTOVER MEAT!


Go get the stuff to make this. You’ll thank me… I mean Lindsay! And then when you make the Tamale pie you can tell me how dumb I am for not using a bigger roast….

PS…I got 2 of the handmade Christmas gifts made so Go Me!