And then the little Bitches took my money….

Anniversary weekend festivities, whoot!!!

I adore that feeling you get when you’re able to leave work early to go do something fun, like a little kid on a snow day!

The fun started with this:

New BLING! The Anniversary band I hinted about a couple years back to go with my wedding set! Totally didn’t see it coming!

Then this happened…

I’ve never wanted him more…

We had a great dinner and hit the casinos, he goes in one direction to find the Black Jack tables and I go another to find the penny slots, cuz I’m such a big-time gambler! I don’t get card games, too much math and thinking and having to remember crap in them for me….And I can play all night long on $20 bucks.

This is my “Yippee, I won a quarter” face….I’m easily entertained….

And lookie, see that 2463? That’s pennies y’all! Envy me….

Last year on our anniversary trip to Deadwood I won $100 bucks playing on a Sex In the City machine so this year I lurked around it playing other machines until the peeps playing on it finally left and then I pounced on it! And then the bitches promptly ate up 10 of my dollars so I dropped their NYC snooty asses…..

This is my “Gimme back my money” face….

I took my remaining $16.08 and called it a night.

Saturday morning we headed further up the Mountain to spend our second night at a little resort and do some snowmobiling. It was only our 2nd time on a snowmobile, our first was on our Honeymoon at Lake Tahoe 12 years ago…

This was the Lodge, is it friggin’ cute or what???

It was a gorgeous day, blue skies, not too cold (mid 30’s) and our first task was to get geared up which meant picking out helmets and a snowsuit for me. So the helmets…..We walk into this big equipment room and there’s all these helmets on shelves and I immediately go for a particular one, cuz it was pretty. Red with flame things on the sides.

Luke: Babe that looks kinda big, does it fit?

Me: Fit?? It’s pretty….

Luke: Put it on and shake your head.

Me: *sigh*

So I put it on and shake my head NO vigorously. The thing slides sideways so that my ear is sticking out the face hole and my nose is pressed against the side of the helmet where I can’t help but get a big whiff of the last person to rent it…

Luke: Want to try a smaller one?

Me: *sigh*

I ended up with a ugly yellow one that fit my head. Ugh. Also Blecht.

Off we go! The scenery is absolutely breathtaking….

And I married a Brat….This was the first time he pelted me with a snowball….

This was the second. And he has great aim, hit me right in the chest both times. I retaliated and I’d have totally nailed him in the kisser if he’s been standing 3 feet to the right. And was 2 feet shorter….

Here was my biggest problem with the helmet (beside it being ugly)…my camera body was bigger than the face opening on the helmet so I couldn’t get my eye to the viewfinder. And the Canon Rebel doesn’t allow you to focus thru the LCD screen which I don’t mind because I never do it that way anyhow. I like holding the camera up to my face and looking through the little eye hole….Couldn’t do it with the helmet on. And I like to take pictures on the fly when we’re out like that on the ATV, but this time all I could do was point it in what I hoped was the right direction and snap. So I got a lot of this:

Nice friggin’ tree huh??

We rode for about 4 1/2 hours and had an absolute blast! Luke was soooo sweet, he ignored his inner child who had to be screaming “go faster, go faster”  to minimize the impact on my back but I know there were times when it was hard for him to do! And we’ve decided to making snowmobiling part of every Anniversary getaway from now on. The Lodge staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating, it was truly a pleasure to stay with them.

We woke up Sunday morning to heavy snowfall and about 8 fresh inches of accumulations on the ground. For a minute I was gleefully hopeful we’d be snowed in for a day or 2 and avoid re-entering the real world….Alas, the snow was no match for my AWD Escape. Dammit….

Thanks for 12 happy years together Babe! I love ya…

PS…You totally rocked that Bullwinkle hat…