Good Reads…

I almost didn’t get to write this post. Well, I did write it but then God got pissed at me and my site crashed causing me to lose all but the first paragraph of the original draft. I was so pissy about it that I said “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Sob. *hiccup*. Also “Mehehehehehehehe” *sniffle* and spent a good hour pouting and declaring my blogging days OVER rather than spend the time to fix the problem….(Yes, yes, I am a bit dramatic at 6:00 in the morning, wha??) After the hiccups subsided, I contacted my web host and they walked me thru the fix. ūüôā

I felt much better as I headed to work until I got into town and almost got¬†T-boned not once but twice by Asshats who can’t figure out the concept of wait your turn at the 4 way stop. Grrrrrr….Luckily I made to to work alive and after a coffee and a bagel decided I’d rewrite my book review instead of actually doing any work while at work. Yay me….

I’ve been pretty diverse in my choice of reading material lately. Which is why I have 597,698,568 books on my Ereader at any given moment, ‘cuz I never know what I’ll be in the mood for…

I’m currently about halfway thru The Help¬†which has been so good, and told from an interesting perspective. It’s also totally pissed me off from time to time but I think that was at least in part, the reaction that Kathryn Stockett was going for…

Hex Hall¬†was recommended by one of my pseudo daughters. It was a cute little light read, supernatural without the gore you find in the¬†Anita Blake Series, minus the sap of Twilight, and without the kanoodling that abounds in the¬†Sookie Stackhouse Books. So why on earth would I finish it and then purchase the sequel to it without all the fun stuff in the supernatural/vampire books I usually read??? ‘Cuz it was good that’s why!

I do love me some blood, gore and kanoodling!

Ivory¬†was…..interesting. Weird. Intriguing. Alot like a car wreck on the highway that you can’t help but look at….it was free and I’ll read about anything that’s free. Sometimes you get what you pay for, but this one was actually pretty good¬†in a say what?? kind of way…

See? Creepy...but now you're intrigued aren't you?

One day I think I downloaded like 9 free books from the Sony store, After Life: Love¬†was another one. It was a little sappy, but also a little dark and disturbing. I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but I enjoyed it….

Ok, go ahead and send me hate mail for this but, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…COULD.NOT.GET.INTO.IT. Just couldn’t. It’s very rare for me to give up on a book, especially one I actually paid for but it was just dry and bogged down in detail that I didn’t feel added anything to the plot line….If you read it and loved it, my apologies…

The Dark Tide was another one of the free downloads I got that day. A nice little mystery that kept me guessing, as any good whodunit should!

I swear vampire books is not all I read. I swear!!! But Fledgling¬†got such good reviews I couldn’t pass it up. The perspective it is written from is such a departure from the whole vampire fiction genre. It kept me enthralled to the very end, which I thought was too abrupt as I wanted more closure than it gave me…

To say I adored Like Water For Chocolate¬†is an understatement…I was so sad when I got to the last page, which is exactly the feeling you want from a good read! Loved it….L.O.V.E.D.

Did I mention I loved this book??

Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before but read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Do it. DO IT NOW.

And Please for the love of God, remember that it’s best to be patient and wait until it’s your turn at the 4 way stop otherwise you make people stabbity and you never know when that person will decide to stalk you…

What have y’all been reading?


I totally cheated on Henry VIII

Henry VIII and I have finally parted ways….he to roam the halls of Whitehall Palace, and me to¬†catch up on what Anita Blake¬†and her¬†posse have been up to..

I cheated on Henry once in the 3 months I was with him. I bought and read A Stolen Life ¬†by Jaycee Dugard. It took me 4 days to finish. I was horrified, shocked, infuriated and scared shitless…all at the same time. There’s a part of me, the paranoid part that wishes I hadn’t read it. There’s another part, the Mama Bear part that just wants to hug Jaycee and bake her cookies, and then follow her around and kick ass if anybody messes with her.

I enjoyed my time with Henry, but I have to admit I’m happy to see him go. He could get quite bogged down in details and he’s a bit self-absorbed…I highly recommend The Autobiography of Henry VIII¬†if you’re into Elizabethan History, it was an interesting, entertaining, factual book. Be prepared to dedicate a chunk of your life to it’s 1119 page glory…

Before starting this book if I had been asked what kind of man I thought Henry to be, I would have answered¬†“a huge, oversexed tyrant with terrible table manners who had eight wives, killed some of them and died of syphilis”….I would have been wrong. What I learned in the time spent getting to know him was that Henry was a romantic, he dreamed of true love, wanting so badly to see it in places it didn’t exist. As a boy he never wanted to be King, but rather he wanted to write music, poetry and join the Monastery. When he found himself suddenly on the Throne, he did the best he knew how having had no teaching on how to run a country from his Father.

Henry didn’t always do the right thing, he was misguided and easily influenced by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. In his heart though, was always the desire to make his people proud of their King.

Poor Henry died from heart and kidney failure, ¬†obese and suffering from dementia. He died lonely….

I felt really, really bad for cheating on him…




Oh Henry..

Still reading The Autobiography of Henry VIII…..on page 720 of 1119 now! Whoot!!! Remind me why I decided to tackle this behemoth of a book??? Oh yeah….I like Tudor era¬†history….*Head slap*

Want to know how many books I have bought for my eReader since I started my affair with Henry?? 4. (6 if you include the one¬†about his daughter Elizabeth¬†and the one about her cousin Mary,¬†which I will not be starting any time soon. The Tudors are gonna have to live without me for a while once I’m done with Henry’s shenanigans) So 4 books that I would love to read. And can’t because Henry has sucked me into his selfish drama…

The guy did, however,¬†save me from dying of boredom when I was forced to suffer many many long hours of the jury selection process. He was busy beheading a wife and that totally trumped the defense attorney’s monotonously feeble attempt to convince anyone that her client wasn’t in possession of Meth just because it was in her bloodstream. Lame.

I am getting a little tired of Henry’s complaining about that leg of his…It’s not possessed by Satan Dummy. It’s infected because you don’t bathe regularly and live in a time before anyone was smart enough to invent penicillin. Too bad for you, put a leach on it…

And by the way Henry, ol’ buddy ol’ pal, ¬†that whole “why can’t you give birth to a son you sorry excuse for a wife–bend down and hug this chopping block”¬† thing is all you Dude.¬†Get over it, your daughter ruled England for over¬†45 years (7 years longer than you my friend) . Ya know why?? Because girls ROCK, that’s why. Jerk. And here’s another thing Hank…you were no prize either. Showtime totally jazzed you up otherwise no one would have watched the show…

Yummy. In a pouty, spoiled arrogant Ass kinda way....

Sorry Dude, but not even if you cover yourself in chocolate...

Sometimes though, I really feel like poor Henry was just a lonely guy searching for true love. Either that or he was a complete and total ass….The Romantic in me refuses to give up on him, it had to have been hard to be so spoiled that you never had to do anything for yourself and at the same time have so many people using you to¬†gain the power¬†they wanted and to¬†find yourself¬†shoved into a¬†position of power that¬†you never wanted in the first place.

I’ll update again when I’m another couple hundred pages further….or when I finish this monster in which case we’ll meet for a glass of wine and you can listen to me complain in person about Dear ol’ Henry and his twisted, complicated, spoiled life…


Confessions of a Bookworm

I was born a bookworm. I had a bike as a kid but never really got the hang of riding it on the dirt road and besides, where was I gonna go? My¬†friends lived miles away. My neighbors were mostly elderly and we got 2 channels on our TV. Mom worked nights so during the day in the summertime I was on my own alot while she slept.¬† So I read. I would lay outside on the upstairs balcony of our house and read. Sometimes I would climb over the balcony railing and lay on the roof of the garage. I¬†rode my horse, BabyDoll, ¬†out into the woods, found nice comfy spots on top of boulders, or in trees, or beside the creek, and I read. Sometimes I just sprawled across the back of the horse and read while she grazed. For hours, all day if I had my chores done….I checked out books 10 at a time when Mom took me to the library and then finished them in a week. I re-read books I had already finished, sometimes reading the same book multiple times. I read my Moms books which were not always age appropriate. And I will never, ever forget the day my neighbor, Miss Tracy Atkins loaned me her childhood copy of Anne of Green Gables. The pages were brittle and had that smell that old houses get. I must have read that book 20 times that summer…

My taste in books changes from time to time. For a while it might be WhoDunits, or futuristic novels, westerns by Larry McMurtry,¬†gut¬†wrenching tear jerkers¬†ala Nicholas Sparks, Supernatural books, I’ve run the gamut. Although I’ve never been into Harlequinesque type books. And I’ve always had an avid interest in period novels, hence the reason I am now 362 pages into the 1116 page “The Autobiography of Henry VIII” which isn’t an autobiography at all but written by a woman named Margaret George. I hope to finish it by Christmas. This¬†Christmas….

I like finding authors who write¬†books in a¬†series. I’m always sad when I finish a good book, with a series I just start the next one and the story goes on! I read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers and yes, I enjoyed it! I’ve read all of¬† and eagerly await the release of each new installment of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, ditto the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. And¬†I am working my way thru the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I’ve read the entire Skye O’Malley saga by Bertrice Small along with a good amount of her other books. There is nothing like a Bertrice Small novel for Elizabethian era intrique, true¬†historical facts mixed with a healthy dose of kanoodling! I couldn’t get enough of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon, read them with a voracious appetite until suddenly I just couldn’t get thru the last one I had. Just like that I was over Claire and Jamie….Not sure why, its very rare for me to give up on a book midway. After several years of ignoring her new releases I recently re-read the first one and thoroughly enjoyed it all over again….

I currently have 54 unread books on my Ebook. And I’m ok with that, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know it’ll be a long time before I run out of something new to read…..


Not now, I’m reading….

There is nothing I like better than completely losing myself in a good book. Burn the dinner-forget to do laundry-don’t answer the phone-total captivation…Its not like¬†I wake up on any given Saturday morning and say “I think I’ll do absolutely¬†NOTHING¬†but read today”. It usually goes more like this: I decide to read¬†for a bit¬†while I’m enjoying my cappuccino in the morning. Sometimes I give myself a timeline, “I’ll read til about 9:00, then I’ll start cleaning“…I finally check the time somewhere around 9:30, “Oh well look at that…ya know the house really isn’t that bad, shouldn’t take long to clean. I’ll start about 11:00“. Make another cuppa, bury my head in the pages. Gotta tinkle (Wha??? I’ve had 2 cups already), don’t bother to check the time, can’t have been more than 1/2 hour….back to the couch. Hmmmm….tummy’s a rumblin’,¬† some peanut butter toast sounds good, “hey waddaya know, its noon!” Switch to sweet tea, take my lunch to the couch, “I’ll just finish this chapter, then I’ll run the vacuum real quick, swish the toilet brush around in the bowl a little and it’ll be fine. It’s not like we’re neat freaks or anything.” Finish that chapter. Refill my tea glass, tinkle again (don’t judge me) Start another chapter…..”What’s that noise? Is that my phone? Yep, it is….oh its my Lukey calling me, probably wants to see how my day is going. What a sweetie! Wait….it’s WHAT time??? Holy crap he’s calling to tell me he’s on his way home!!!!!!!!!!!!” “What’s for dinner you ask Honey?? Cereal ok??? Cuz I’ve sat here on my fanny ALL day and never got around to getting anything out of the freezer for supper. And just so ya know, the house is still a mess! I’m still in my jammies! And pour your own cereal cuz I’m still reading!!!!!!”

Don’t you love that kind of book??

Here’s a short list of some of my recent reads that had me ignoring EVERYTHING:

“Room” by Emma Donaghue. **Very different, completely engrossing**

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins **immediately followed by:**

“Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins **which led to:**

“Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins **I love an author that makes me run out and buy the next book in a series before I’ve finished the one I’m reading!**

“The Pioneer Woman, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” by Ree Drummond **I adore her Blog, and her book based on how she met her Marlboro Man did not disapoint!**

“The Wierd Sisters” by Eleanor Brown **This was a free ebook from Sony for my eReader. I didnt really expect much but was very pleasantly surprised!**

That oughta get ya going for a minute! ¬†If you’ve never checked out GoodReads, do yourself a favor and take a look around the site. I’ve found books by authors I had never heard of by reading other readers recommendations (The Hunger Games series for instance) “Friend” me while you’re there, we’ll compare notes!!

P.S…..Luke never complains about the mess that is our house, or cereal for dinner on those days I lose myself. He’s a sweetheart like that, I’m keeping him!!!!

Enjoy ūüôā