A letter to my Grandson…

Dear Gus-Gus,

It may seem selfish to begin my first correspondence with you by asking for a favor but this is important….

Grammy only has a very limited amount of time to cuddle and snuggle you and smell your sweet little neck so I need you to come on out and play with me, m’kay??

When your cousin Peanut was born I was lucky enough to spend time with her every day. You and I will have to savor every precious moment we have together as they’ll be few and far between…

I know Mommy’s tummy is a comfy place for you but I promise we’ve made a super fun and comfy-cozy room for you out here, so no worries there Lil’ Man. It’s all good….

Gram loves you sooooo, soooooooo much, come gimme a hug would ya?? Puh-puh-pweeeeeeze???

On a practical note, you’re getting bigger but Hotel Mommy is full to capacity so you’ve run out of womb anyway. Come on out and enjoy a good long stretch!


Plus, if you come out your Mom and Dad will take you to the beach!