May all your Moons be super…

Hubs and I had a date night Wednesday, and we took ourselves to our local drive-in movie theater…

There is nothing quite like entertaining yourself while waiting for the movie to start by trying (unsuccessfully) to sneak up on a Prairie Dog with your camera in hand…

As always when we get to have a date, we had ourselves a hella good time, and since it was a double feature we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning! Luckily Thursday is Hubs day off….

Our drive-in has 2 screens, and they play different double features on each. We debated back and forth for a couple of days and in fact, right up until we pulled up to the ticket gate about which set of movies we wanted to see. The deciding factor was whatever was playing on-screen not back-lit by the very bright setting sun!


East Screen….

West was a no brainer.

West Screen…it was a no brainer really…

So we saw “Man of Steel” (Nice eh-hem scenery in that one 🙂 ) and “42” which kinda pissed us off and made us sad at the same time as it’s the story of Jackie Robinsons entry into MLB…

In between features the Super Moon made its debut and I took a whole bunch of crappy pictures of it while playing with the settings on my camera (an activity I SUCK at, 99.9% of the time my camera stays on Auto)!



And then I put it in my art journal!



Sometimes ya gotta just do it….

After seeing some crazy-creative and inspirational examples of Art Journal pages, I bought some supplies and started one…

I gathered up my new purchases and some old supplies I had and wanted to use, stuffed them all into a tote bag and carried them to my comfy chair…and I played.

It was glorious fun!

So many of my creative outlet projects require me to sit at my sewing machine, or my work table or to hunker down in the garage, all of which kill my back after about 30 minutes….And while I adore sewing small projects and the painting/distressing old furniture projects and the decoupaging, it’s nice to have an outlet that allows me to create in comfort…

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, and have never worked with watercolors before, or the new “Payons” which are crayons that you can color with, blend with your finger or go over with a wet brush to create a watercolor effect (LOVE THEM) but I had my inspirational photos to use as examples so I just jumped in with both feet!

I started with a very small Journal, and goofed by buying one with lined pages. But I’m not really bothered by the lines, I’m just playing and having fun anyway…


So here’s my new-out-of-the-box journal….paid like $8 bucks for it on Amazon and the leather feels so soft and luxurious. That was a nice surprise!


And here’s what it looks like after I finished playing! I experimented with my new Payons, and the new pearlescent watercolors, used bubble wrap as a stamp as I’d seen in some of my examples, and then rubber stamps, distress ink and markers I had on hand…

I no clue how durable my new cover will be and don’t really care! If it all rubs or scratches off in a month I’ll paint it again! I couldn’t really find anything about whether painting my leather journal cover was do-able or not, so I just went for it…

After I admired it for a while  I wanted to do MORE. So I started my first Journal entry. I got so wrapped up in it I completely forgot about the eggs I had boiling on the stove and one of them cracked all to hell and I had this mess:


Heehee!! 🙂

My tuna salad will have one less egg, all so I could be creative!


I’ve heard that real life often suffers for art!


Ohhh what to do, what to do…

I’m feeling crafty…but have too many idea’s whirling through my noggin…

Brain is spinnin’…

Fingers are itchin’…


Wanna see the last thing I made?


That’s nice you say? But what is it??


Travel docs holder, that’s what!

Got the how-to HERE. Modified it a bit as I wanted it to be big enough to hold boarding passes etc…

Turned out great!

The next thing I attempted was a version of this:


Of course, the originator used an old book cover to attach her woven elastic mat to and me being well….ME…wanted to make it to match the doc holder and didn’t want to desecrate a book so I tried making mine out of fabric…


I didn’t really think it through and so after getting my cover all pieced together nice and pretty and my pockets attached to one side I sewed the stretched elastic to the other side and wah la! Sucker curled up from the tension…duh….

So I’ve taken it apart and may try to salvage it but that project doesn’t appeal to me right now….I’m like that. I think it’s the A.D.D!

I should finish painting in the basement…

I should work on any of the 953,546,856 projects I have lying around here….

But I doubt that I will!


What was old is new…but still old


Y’all know my obsession with taking perfectly good but old stuff, slapping a coat of paint on it to make it all shiny and new looking and then distressing the crap outta it to make it look old and worn out, right??

I did it again!

If ya remember waaaayyy back to The Wedding and my 11th hour hunt for kitchen chairs, then you know that the chairs around my table are mismatched…well to be fair, 2 of them matched as they came with the table inherited from the Dearly Departed M.I.L but the rest were picked up CHEAP from here and there just to have enough chairs. I never minded that they are all different shapes and styles because for the last decade or so, I have dreamed of  such a thing happening so that I could make them each even more unique by painting them all a different color. Well…..

My dream has come true!

Forgive the kinda crappy cell phone pics. I was too lazy to go back upstairs to get my camera after having made 4 trips down to the garage already, so the “before” pics got taken with my phone. And to be fair, I took the “after” pics the same way, just to compare apples to apples….


This was after painting, but before all the fun distressing. The blue and green were spray painted because I had the right colors. The raspberry red and yellow ones were done with homemade chalk paint. The red wasn’t quite the right shade (a bit too pink) but I used what I had on hand and knew that I wanted to either glaze them or finish with dark paste wax so that would tone everything down…

Who knew that I wouldn’t find dark paste wax anywhere locally? So I ended up using a Minwax product called “Wood-Sheen” which is a rubbing stain and finishing liquid. It worked pretty well…


I’m much happier with the color now…and it was actually easier than using paste wax; no buffing…




I do still want to try using the dark paste wax on something but reckon I’ll have to order it….The blue chair also got a new cover on it’s seat. I heart it!



Being the lightest color, the Wood-Sheen made the biggest difference on the yellow. It really deepened the shade which is exactly what I wanted.


This one…..I’d been wanting to do this “spray paint through lace” technique I’d seen on Pinterest forever ago. However, the lace tablecloth I found at Goodwill for $1.99 made more of a snakeskin kind of pattern than a lacy one!


Or is it just me? At any rate, it was definitely fun to do!



I got the perfect amount of age on them during the distressing process and I can’t even tell you how happy all that color in my dining room makes me! Suffice it to say it’s a whole lot of happy!


This is the newest addition to the table top set I showed you a while back, the milkglass pieces are votive holders I think (?) as was the metal sphere in the middle that I spray painted with Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze and then I just glued them all together and stuck a red hydrangea on the top. Also makes me happy!

Lots of colorful happiness going on around here! Hope y’all find some too…


Still loving the new digs…

The last renovation update that I never showed you was the tile back splash Hubs put up while I was gone to Seattle in March…

I know, I know…I’m sloooowww…





I adore the colors in the tile! I looked and looked, couldn’t find anything that matched the picture in my head. (Don’t you hate that?? Drives me nuts…) I ended up ordering 4 different samples from an online mosaic tile company, fell in love with this one and placed my order. Can we say YAY for free shipping?? Double YAY for a sale on the one I chose!

Did ya catch the other new addition to the cabinets??


Without a doubt, my favorite feature of our renovated kitchen!!

Cuz I’m 5…

When I planned it, I intended to use it for menus, or grocery lists (at least, that’s how I justified it in my head) but I can honestly and without shame admit that nothing remotely useful has been written on it. I have however cursed at the Lotto Gods, Old Man Winter, I’ve whined about various things and occasionally quoted someone from Duck Dynasty…

OK, I’m 4…

Moving on…

I finished my new sofa pillows…


They make me smile….


Especially this one! The wording was printed on the fabric using my printer…How in the hell did I do that, you ask?? Cut the fabric to standard paper size, ironed it onto the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper, made Vivi find me a pretty font and format what I wanted to say and then hit PRINT! Easy peasy and now I want to make 564,597,837 more things with fun stuff printed on it!


I got this fabric to use on a throw quilt. I’m taking a class….God help me.