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I used to blog but ran out of things to say...now I just bombard my FB feed with mindless ramblings...

Ahhh….Lovely Autumn…

Oh how I enjoyed the 1.7 days of Autumn we have been blessed with this year….apparently that’s all we’re getting because….

Let it snow, let it snow, let it….. WHA????

Yup. It’s snowing again. Oh Joy.

I love snow, I do. Seriously. In December, January, February, etc…..October?? Not so much…Actually that’s not true. I’m always tickled when we get an early October snow, a couple of inches that melt almost as soon as they touch the still warm ground….But this year? Enough already.

Thankfully, today’s snow isn’t sticking to the roads…yet. I have an appointment for a much needed haircut this afternoon. I’m going to be irritated if I have to reschedule, hairs are starting to tickle my ears…..

Plus, I still need to go to Sam’s. The little poor kid inside me panics when we only have a half dozen or so packages of meat in the freezer, or the pantry looks a teensy bit bare…Must be from being raised by a Depression era Mom….

In other news, I’m painting an accent wall in my bedroom a cinnamon/burnt orange color. I’ll explain later….


Don’t hate me….

In the year & a half since I retired I’ve learned all the pros & cons….

Con #1: I’m always broke. Not a lot of fun money in this tight ass budget…

Pro #1: When the weather is crappy (like today) I don’t have to leave my house unless I choose to (that’s the don’t hate me part)….

It’s wet & muddy out. Three feet of melting snow followed by a day or two of torrential rain will do that….today is a torrential rain day. My house smells like wet dog…..

Gus says "Ah Geesh Gram?? What's that stench??"

Gus says “Ah Geesh Gram?? What’s that stench??”

I had planned a Hellmart/Sam’s club grocery shopping trip for today, my lists are all written out & tucked away in my purse, lest I forget them. (Been there, done that. Ended up trying to wing it. Failed. Miserably)….but I despise getting rained on, so I ain’t going! We’re not out of anything essential, it can all wait for drier weather….

Gus says "Hmmm. Yes, I think waiting is a great idea. Gram is wise"

Gus says “Hmmm. Yes, I think waiting is a great idea. Gram is wise”

Speaking of drier weather, having survived the blizzard of the century that left us without power for 3 days, now we’re under flash flood warnings because all that melted snow plus this rain has no where to go. Drier Weather, we needs us some….

Gus Says "Holy Crap! God is really pissed at y'all!"

Gus Says “Holy Crap! God is really pissed at y’all!”

I think all of us here in the Black Hills have done too much complaining about our perpetual drought status and God said “Okey dokey crybabies, HERE’S A BUTT TON OF WATER! Happy now??” She has a wicked sense of humor like that….

As for me, I’m gonna stay right here in my house, possibly in my jammies, until Her little joke is over and try not to piss Her off any further. Don’t hate me, I have to do the cleaning chores I’ve been avoiding. It ain’t ALL fun & Bravo TV over here…

Gus says "Happy Friday! This too shall pass while we nap..."

Gus says “Happy Friday! This too shall pass while we nap…”

My Grandson has the BEST idea! He’s brilliant like that…


I should be more careful when wishing…

Remember when I said we were supposed to get some snow? Remember when I said I was ok with that??

I should have clarified that statement….

What we got over a 24 hour period was 35 inches of snow. Thirty Five. THIRTY EFFIN FIVE INCHES OF SNOW.

You might have heard about it….we made the Big Time news….

In case you’re wondering what 35 inches of snow dumped on your house feels like, here’s a pictorial:

Ain't this some shit??

Ain’t this some shit??

Now add to this the fact that we’ve been without power since 11 a.m. Friday morning & I can sum it up for you in one word: calamitous.

Want another? Crappy….

The first path Hubs shoveled through the driveway...

The first path Hubs shoveled through the driveway…

Also? Smelly. Because in a total electric house, no electricity means no hot water. It wasn’t until Sunday that the stench of our own funk drove us into a cold shower….

My front door...

My front door…

My view from the inside...

My view from the inside…

It’s not unheard of for this area to get snowfall in October. An inch or two….but no one was prepared for almost 3 feet of snow on October 4th; least of all our trees, still laden with leaves that allowed every snow flake to cling to them . As a result, trees collapsed, splitting to the ground taking power lines with them…

My poor Russian Olive tree...

My poor Russian Olive tree…

We’re some of the lucky ones, we have a small generator that can power things like our phone chargers, & the crockpot etc. Our house is extremely well insulated, so we’ve donned sweatshirts & warm socks, put an extra quilt on the bed & are comfortable. Tonight Hubs was able to connect our cable box & internet modem to the generator, hence why I’m able to post this…

That's Hubs '54 Chevy under there!

That’s Hubs ’54 Chevy under there!

I’ve read a lot of FB postings of missing pets (snow drifts so high the dogs just walked right over the fences), livestock tangled ย & dead in barbed wire fences, frantic relatives unable to reach elderly loved ones, heartbreaking stories of frustration and fear.

On Saturday emergency responders spent most of the day rescuing motorists stranded ย overnight in their cars. A “No Travel Allowed” ordinance was put into place until Sunday morning to try & give emergency personnel, road crews & power crews the chance to do what was needed.

We cheered when we heard this guy in the neighborhood!

We cheered when we heard this guy in the neighborhood!

Of course people ignored the directive, as soon as they could dig their cars out, off to the Walmars they had to go consequently getting stuck on the barely plowed streets, adding to the problem…

People are stupid. Fact.

Our roads have been cleared for the most part, but we’ll stay put until the Travel Advisory is lifted…I’m hoping that happens tomorrow so I can go hang with Peanut and her Mommy…I miss them!

We’re warm, we’re dry, we’re safe….life is not so bad!



God bless us, every one…

Well said Tiny Tim. Well said.

I wish no ill will on anyone. I want us all to get along. In lieu of that I just want to be left in peace…

Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Call me Crazy-Pants.

We are under a blizzard warning for tomorrow, I hope it snows its ass off. I can’t think of anything more peaceful than sitting in the comfort of my home watching snow fall while delicious baking smells fill the room….

I’m going to give meditation a try….seriously, with mala beads and Ohhhhhmmms. Can’t hurt, right??