About Me. Or “Who the heck is Grammy??”

That’s me, giving “the look” to my Hubs who gets that look fairly often and if his impish grin is any indication he’s unaffected by it. Maybe I need to work on “the look”..Those are our Girls, Avery’s Mom in gray and Chef Vivi in orange, they’re rotten but I love them anyway…the pic is from about 5 years ago. I’m fatter, Avery’s Mom is way skinnier, Vivi has left her “I want to be a redhead” stage and gone back to her natural blonde. It’s also pre-Cap’t America and Avery joining the family. We clearly need an updated family picture!

On November 3, 2011 I officially became a Grammy when our Granddaughter Avery Michele was born, promptly stole my heart and wound me ever so tightly around her teensy little finger…I’m OK with that.


On August 22, 2013 my Grandson Gus came into our lives and I promptly fell head over heels in love! He is THE BEST snuggler in the entire world…

I used to be a productive member of society, but now I’m a retired recluse. I prefer the latter…

I’m slightly neurotic, occasionally depressed, sporadically funny, frequently confused, mildly entertaining and always opinionated. Those who love and adore me don’t seem to mind and to steal a line from Dr. Seuss, those that mind don’t matter…

My definition of family is anyone who loves and accepts its members unconditionally and equally; shared bloodlines are completely irrelevant, ditto for being connected through marriage, it’s what’s in the heart that matters. Taking the good with the bad, loving each other even when you’re completely unlovable, forgiveness and unwavering loyalty are what make a Family. Anything else is just talk, and talk is cheap…

Mess with MY family and I’ll get all stabbity on your ass. Fact.

Let’s see, what else do y’all need to know about me?…..I like to be crafty and never have less than 759,639,546 projects in varying stages of completion laying around. I like to cook but don’t care for writing about it. I’m a wildly enthusiastic and completely amateur photographer. I fear nothing so much as birds, I like to eat raw cookie dough, I think macaroni and cheese from a box is a creation of Satan’s and I’m addicted to pretty much every show on Bravo.

I think that about sums me up nicely…


4 thoughts on “About Me. Or “Who the heck is Grammy??”

  1. Thought I should leave this comment on your “about” page since it didn’t really pertain to your latest posting…I just have to tell you that, at some point, I found your blog (must have been looking at food blogs because you are bookmarked between “For the Love of Cooking” and the “Taste and Tell” blogs. However, I admit, I guess I didn’t really go back to your site. Until this afternoon. I read your latest post, and then the one underneath, and then the one before that, and before I knew it, it was suppertime. Happily, my husband is away (miss him, but love the “me” time!), so cooked up a frozen chicken pot pie, watched a little TV, then put my jammies on, climbed into bed with my laptop and decided to read all the way back to your first post. (BTW, something to add to a “What I want to do when I retire list.) I just finished (11:15 p.m.–another perk of retirement!) and hope you don’t mind that I let you know what a terrific writer you are and how envious I am that you can put into words many of the things I think to myself but don’t have the courage to say.

    I don’t have a blog (not clever, too shy), and not on FB or Twitter, but you will now be on my daily (if not 2-3 times a day) blog check along with Lick the Bowl Good, The Coupon Goddess, PW, Food Network Humor, Crappy Pictures, Cake Wrecks, and some of the TV without Pity blogs (too embarrassed to tell you which ones.) I might even get the courage to comment once in a while 🙂 esp. if you have a giveaway! (I love giveaways–haven’t won anything, yet, but I get suckered in each time!!) Well, better get to sleep!

    • Oh My….Laurie you’ve rendered me speechless and everyone will tell you that ain’t easy! Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I woke up dreading my work day and feeling kinda icky and your comment just lifted me up. And please, leave comments! It’s how we get to know one another….{hugs}

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