Ahhh….Lovely Autumn…

Oh how I enjoyed the 1.7 days of Autumn we have been blessed with this year….apparently that’s all we’re getting because….

Let it snow, let it snow, let it….. WHA????

Yup. It’s snowing again. Oh Joy.

I love snow, I do. Seriously. In December, January, February, etc…..October?? Not so much…Actually that’s not true. I’m always tickled when we get an early October snow, a couple of inches that melt almost as soon as they touch the still warm ground….But this year? Enough already.

Thankfully, today’s snow isn’t sticking to the roads…yet. I have an appointment for a much needed haircut this afternoon. I’m going to be irritated if I have to reschedule, hairs are starting to tickle my ears…..

Plus, I still need to go to Sam’s. The little poor kid inside me panics when we only have a half dozen or so packages of meat in the freezer, or the pantry looks a teensy bit bare…Must be from being raised by a Depression era Mom….

In other news, I’m painting an accent wall in my bedroom a cinnamon/burnt orange color. I’ll explain later….


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