New beginnings…

So many new beginnings in my family lately….

One Daughter and Son-in-Law went, in the blink of an eye, from being a Couple to being a Family. And I was blessed enough to be there when it happened, as well as help them transition into brand-spanking-new-no-clue-what-they-are-doing-but-they’ve-read-a-book PARENTS. It’s had its ups and downs. My work here is done, they’ll figure it out as they go and they will be just fine. Neither of them know how to fail…

My other Daughter who has been a single Mom from the day Peanut was born, has tried desperately to mold someone completely unalterable into some semblance of a Father, and has finally given up on that endeavor and called her relationship D.O.A. She’s moving into a new place, and focusing on just being a MOM. I’m thrilled! Completely and totally thrilled for this chapter of her life to begin…

2nd chance

One of my Besties has spent the better part of 2 years reshaping herself and in the process of reducing her body weight by half, has discovered that she’s not altogether sure ofย who she is anymore.ย Turns out she was hiding a lot of stuff behind that extra weight. Now she’ll spend some time reshaping her soul….I love her so much, she’s my touchstone…

My other Bestie is moving from the home her children have been raised in, the only home she’s known for the entirety of her married life. She’s nervous and more than a little scared to be leaving her comfort zone in town for the unknown of country life. For her, this new beginning is bittersweet. She is smart and sweet, giving to a fault and unconditionally nurturing. She’s also relentlessly stubborn in the face of change but I’m confident she will come to revel in her country life!

As the lives of those I love change, so will mine….

I look forward to it!

And if I ever, EVER, EVERRRRR plan to be away from home for 2 months again just shoot me. I’m serious!


Oh, so THAT’S what’s gonna kill me…

Did you know there’s a “Sitting Disease”?

Yup, Sitting Disease…

So….All this sitting is gonna bite me in the ass. (Pun totally intended!)

Hmmm. And one site (I read several!) suggested that getting up off said ass to exercise (shudder) isn’t necessarily going to save me…Well alrighty then. Way to motivate me….NOT.

Yes, I know, I know…a sedentary lifestyle is bad and will lead to all sorts of ailments and maladies…Metabolic Syndrome as my Doctor has related it to me; I much prefer that term to Sitting Disease for crying out loud. And then to tell me that after having had this disease for an extended period of time that adding 30 minutes of daily exercise to my day ain’t gonna help?? That just causes me to go “Fine. Might as well think about that while Iย sit here and eat this bag of pork rinds”….

One website I read has huge glaring headers (in purple I might add) “94% MORE LIKELY TO DIE!!!” for women who sit 6 or more hours per day as opposed to those who sit 3 hours or less. These numbers included commute time and work time….So basically, if you have, say, a 30 minute commute to work each way, and work an normal 8 hour day at a desk job….YOU’RE SCREWED AND GOING TO DIE PRONTO.

sitting disease 2

Yikes, right??

Men fared better, the same scenario for them only yielded a 48% increase in their likelihood to die from Sitting Disease. But still…..

I may have to start watching “Real Housewives” standing up….


A lovey dovey kinda place…

Two lovers point…


“The legend tells of two lovers who, forbidden from being together in life, leaped to their deaths from the cliff side so they could be together in eternity.”

Yikes, right??


I supposed this is where the two lovers would have landed…

Double yikes…

Tragic legend aside, the views are extraordinary!



The tradition has become for lovers to put their names on a lock and attach it to the surrounding fence…


Do you see an open spot?? No??


Yeah. Neither did we…

So we got creative!


The gynormous rocks that make up the island are full of holes, so we hooked our locks onto the rocks!


Dan + Vivi = Augustus!

Forever and ever!

Forever and ever!

Y'all KNOW I had to hang our lock in the weeds! Helllooooo!

Y’all KNOW I had to hang our lock in the weeds! Helllooooo!

Hubs couldn’t be there in person, but he was definitely there in spirit….

Vivi hunted and hunted for the lock she and Dan put on the wall years ago, she wanted to attach the new lock to the old….Could. Not. Find. It. It seems the older locks have gotten pushed to the back side of the wall (that you can’t access) to make room for new ones….


I could have stayed there for hours…except for the sweltering heat. When sweat from my scalp starts dripping into my ears, I’m done…


Gus agreed…

So we got the little family picture that Vivi wanted to frame for Gus’s room, procured the necessary mango/pineapple slushies and headed home!


God Bless air-conditioning!