The Continuing Saga of Homesick Gram….

No, I didn’t fall off the planet!!

Just lazy…

I’ll be home a week from today if you’re on Guam time, a week from tomorrow if you’re on any time zone in the U.S….in this instance I prefer Guam.

Thinking about finding part-time employment when I get home….

Also thinking about a puppy…

And selling my house (yes, again)….

Redecorating my bedroom is on the list of things swirling through my brain as well….

There’s a lot going on in there for such a small space!


Leaving this little guy is at the top of my “I won’t think ’bout that tuhday, I’ll think ’bout it tuhmarrah” list….


Just as missing this Baby has been on my mind since the second I got on a plane headed for the South Pacific….

There are people silly enough to think I won’t miss one as long as I have the other, as if my Grands are interchangeable….

Not even a little bit true…


Send Happy thoughts for my flights!




2 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga of Homesick Gram….

  1. I was just about to text you to see what was up; glad you were just being lazy. And yeah, Grands are not interchangeable. I miss all of the ones who aren’t close enough to see whenever I want to. Safe travels my friend. And enjoy your last week; give that little one lots of Grammy hugs!

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