New beginnings…

So many new beginnings in my family lately….

One Daughter and Son-in-Law went, in the blink of an eye, from being a Couple to being a Family. And I was blessed enough to be there when it happened, as well as help them transition into brand-spanking-new-no-clue-what-they-are-doing-but-they’ve-read-a-book PARENTS. It’s had its ups and downs. My work here is done, they’ll figure it out as they go and they will be just fine. Neither of them know how to fail…

My other Daughter who has been a single Mom from the day Peanut was born, has tried desperately to mold someone completely unalterable into some semblance of a Father, and has finally given up on that endeavor and called her relationship D.O.A. She’s moving into a new place, and focusing on just being a MOM. I’m thrilled! Completely and totally thrilled for this chapter of her life to begin…

2nd chance

One of my Besties has spent the better part of 2 years reshaping herself and in the process of reducing her body weight by half, has discovered that she’s not altogether sure of who she is anymore. Turns out she was hiding a lot of stuff behind that extra weight. Now she’ll spend some time reshaping her soul….I love her so much, she’s my touchstone…

My other Bestie is moving from the home her children have been raised in, the only home she’s known for the entirety of her married life. She’s nervous and more than a little scared to be leaving her comfort zone in town for the unknown of country life. For her, this new beginning is bittersweet. She is smart and sweet, giving to a fault and unconditionally nurturing. She’s also relentlessly stubborn in the face of change but I’m confident she will come to revel in her country life!

As the lives of those I love change, so will mine….

I look forward to it!

And if I ever, EVER, EVERRRRR plan to be away from home for 2 months again just shoot me. I’m serious!


6 thoughts on “New beginnings…

  1. We’re gonna miss you so much when you leave but I suppose we have to share….sigh. however I am uber excited for all these new beginnings!

  2. What great beginnings! I love the part about the friend who needs to find out who she is; I’ve felt like that many time and I will be sending positive juju her way! And for the chum moving to the country, so long as she isn’t my SIL she should do fabulously! SIL doesn’t like to walk barefoot in the grass!! Seriously!

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