Cap’t America and Chef Vivi play this game….Think back to grade school and playing “Slug Bug”….Remember? You’re riding in the back seat of Mom’s car, you and your siblings see a VW Bug and the first one to punch the other while yelling “SLUG BUG!!” wins??

These two play it with Guam’s wild chickens…

E’rybody riding down the road, mindin’ their business and you hear *smack* “BA GAWK!!”


*smack, ka-pow* BA GAWK! BA GAWK!


Two chickens, two smacks, two chicken yells….

God help ya if you see a herd (flock?? gagggle??) of chickens… *smack* *Pop* ka-pow* *thwak* *thump* “BAGAWKBAGAWKBAGAWKBAGAWKBAGAWWWWWK!!”

These are the grown-ups in the Murray house. There is no way in hell my poor Grandson is going to escape being a big ‘ol Dork….

Vivi took me to Gun Beach, except we couldn’t find the guns….beach was pretty though!







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