Baby Watch 2013…


No Navy Bean baby yet. Please don’t comment on this to Hotel Mommy as she’s becoming a bit testy about the situation and I have a limited amount of chocolate to throw at her….

In my grandsons defense, he’s not late yet. His official due date is tomorrow, the 15th (to clarify, tomorrow is the 15th in THIS part of the world. It might be the day AFTER tomorrow where you are. Being a day ahead of everyone I know still weirds me out but that’s a story for another day). Point being the boy ain’t late yet we’re just super impatient….

This morning we did the last of the “prepare for baby” chores; the major grocery stock up trip so that Dan doesn’t have to brave the Commissary while Vivi recuperates from birthing da baby….

Since I have no chubby newborn pics to post here’s some random shots I’ve taken here on the island…




I’m not going to explain any of them, have fun coming up with your own scenarios!


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