Sleepless in Guam…

Dear Sleep Fairy,

I gave you the benefit of the doubt for the first few days here in my home away from home. Jet lag and all that, adjusting to a different bed etc…

But now?

Now you’re just being a jerk…

I mean, come on….it’s been almost three weeks and you haven’t graced me with your presence. Oh sure, you flitter in and out of my room every couple of hours but that’s hardly what anyone would call a proper visit.

Is Mother Nature aware you’re slackin’ on the job?? Hmmm?? I doubt she’d approve…

Tell ya what…I’ll make you a deal. You come see me 2-3 times a week and sprinkle at least 8 hours of sleepy dust on me and I won’t rat you out. Seems like a fair arrangement, I’m not greedy….

Not for nothin’ but Father Time and I are tight…you really don’t want me to get him involved here, he’s not fun when he’s pissed. Just sayin’….


Sleepless in Guam



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