Never go into the ocean at night…

The other night while Cap’t America was teaching his martial arts/kung fooey/try to whack each other with pointy sticks class Chef Vivi and I decided to head to the beach to enjoy the sunset…

It’ll be fun, we said…sitting in the warm waters of the gentle surf enjoying a gorgeous sunset over the water, it’ll be so relaxing we said….


There we are, 9.9999 month preggo Hotel Mommy and middle aged super “fluffy” Grammy, lounging on the sand with the waves lapping at our feet when we hear a splash and then see something large and dark breaching the water a mere 20-30 feet away from us and headed our direction at a speedy pace. Thwap, thwap, thwap, in a rock skipping across the surface of a pond fashion….

I can promise you, you’ve never seen crabs scuttling across the sand as fast as the 2 of us did! Once we had scrambled to safety, we simultaneously exclaimed “WTF WAS THAT???” and then burst out laughing at the picture we must have made had anyone been around to witness our hasty retreat from the water!

We watched (from a safe distance) and caught a couple glances of the creature surfacing here and there, always very close to the shoreline, but as it was almost full dark by this time we could never see it well enough to identify it. It was large, it appeared dark and it had no dorsal fins or a tail fluke that we saw…. We did however name it Nessy, the Loch Gab Gab Monster….

Of course me being me, I came home and immediately Googled “Sea Creatures of Gab Gab Beach Guam” and several variations thereof. I got no answers that fit the bill….

It will I suppose, remain a mystery but it reaffirms what I’ve said repeatedly throughout my life: One should never go into the ocean. EVER.

The sunset was glorious though…




This is where the creature tried to eat us...

This is where the creature tried to eat us…

I swear I heard that “Jaws” music playing in the background…


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