The weeds cannot escape me…

Ok, y’all know how much I enjoy taking pics of weeds/flowers etc…

So here’s some pics of stuff that grows like weeds along the road side in Guam!


I reckon it ain’t the tropics without a hibiscus…in Guam they use these shrubs as hedges, and prune them all square like a boxwood!


The trees are huge and sprawling…

And filled with flowers…

Some are also furry!



Ditch plant…


The colors are so vibrant…


I want one of these in my yard, wonder if it would grow in South Dakota?? No? Fine….


Guess what else is growing nice and big in Guam??

Chef Vivi is 38 weeks today, and we are soooooo impatiently waiting for Gus to make his Grand Entrance!

I seem to recall having this “Ok, we’re ready, so come on out” talk with Avery for several weeks before she listened…

My Grandkids are destined to be stubborn!



2 thoughts on “The weeds cannot escape me…

  1. I’ve learned from my own family that stubbornness is definitely in the genes! The foliage is beautiful! I especially like the fifth and sixth photos. I’d like the sixth one in my yard.

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