A Mommy’s Joy…

If a picture is worth a thousand words….





No need to say more….



The Grammy Whisperer…


My name is Gus and I melt my Gram’s heart…


It started the second I was born. I didn’t really try to steal her heart, it just happened…


I guess I’m naturally charming or something. She yells “MY TURN! MY TURN!!” so she can hold me whenever I wake up or I finish eating and stuff…

She doesn’t seem to mind changing my diaper, even when I make pee-pee fountains…she’s kinda weird like that…


And she’s always smooching me and sniffing my head and stuff…

She does make a pretty comfy pillow, I’ll admit that…

I think she really likes me or something…


The many faces of Gus…

Gus and his Mommy finally got to come home today after 3 days in the hospital…the Navy hospital is uber thorough and keeps all first time Mommies 2 days after delivery. Awesome for those without an eager Gram waiting at home!

Have I mentioned that my Grandson is the most handsome boy EVER??

He is, trust me!



See? Told ya…






Lil’ Man is such a happy baby, he also snores which is completely precious!

Mommy and Daddy are so glad to be home where they can be comfy…

Gram’s just happy to be able to hold the baby as much as I want!

Yes, I am a Baby Hog! Deal with it…


Welcome to the world Danger Bean…

Augustus Luke


8 pounds 7 ounces, 22 inches

Big feet!


Tons of hair!

Relentlessly precious!


The birth plan went right out the window; epidural didn’t work so it was an all natural delivery…

Mommy, Daddy, Sweet Baby Boy are all healthy and happy and sooooo ecstatic he’s finally here and completely exhausted…

As is Gram…

Nighty night!


Waiting, waiting….

Today is eviction day for little Mr. Gus….

Chef Vivi has been admitted to the hospital & the induction process has begun, although they’ve advised us repeatedly that it can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to get to the actual delivery stage….


So here we sit (or lay in Vivi’s case), watching what is sure to be the first of many movies on her laptop, listening to the steady and reassuring thump of Gus’s little heart on the monitor….

Next post will be Newborn pics!