And here I go…

So here I sit,  all TSA secured, waiting at the gate to board the first of my 3 flights….


This one is short, just a little commuter hop to Denver. The real fun begins after that; 7 hours, 20 minutes to Honolulu where I’ll go through Customs then 7 hours 40 minutes to Guam where my officially full term (as of today, although she’s had a “talk” with the Grandson letting him know he needs to give us one more week for sightseeing before he makes his arrival!) Daughter impatiently awaits me!

The travel time sounds so much worse if I look at a clock; depart Rapid City at 6:00 AM today & arrive in Guam at 6:00 PM tomorrow…..




3 thoughts on “And here I go…

  1. Yikes is right! I’m late with my comment but safe travels my friend! And an easy delivery for Vivi! Looking forward to photos of Danger! 😀

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