Girl after my own heart…

My family giggles/rolls their eyes at me whenever we go on a hike because I pick up rocks and put them in my pockets….they think I’m quirky and cute…

Went for a stroll around the neighborhood with Peanut this morning….


She sang and giggled as she pushed her toy down the sidewalk…We had a few discussions about how she can’t pick flowers out of EVERYBODY’S yard, only Gram’s….We heard thunder, so we headed back home to have our morning snack. After I sliced her strawberries I turned to put her in her highchair and found this on my ottoman:


It made me laugh out loud! She was doing more in those flowerbeds than trying to pick flowers!

She really IS my Granddaughter… 🙂

While she napped, I worked on my last project for the big trip…


I sprinkled some lavender buds in between the layers before I quilted them together in hopes that the combination of scent and light blocking will allow me to sleep on the plane(S)…

I leave 2 weeks from today…



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