PMS Barbie?

So a Dude has created a more realistic image Barbie. A Dude…

Where the hell were the women on this one?? Dropping the ball, that’s where…

Anyhoo, he made a shorter, fatter Barbie. A Barbie with junk in the truck….you can read the whole story Here. What I want to know is if we’re going for realism here, what’s next?

PMS Barbie? (Comes with a hammer)

Pre-PMS Barbie for the Tweener crowd?? (working tear ducts and larger than normal teeth for to bite off heads with)

Saggy Booby Bitchy Barbie (box of chocolates come standard, mini-van SUV accessory optional)

Sweaty Gram Barbie (Same features as the S.B.B.B.Barbie, but with  an over active sweat gland activated by pressing a button on the top of her head. This action also activates the “Snapped” feature with 360 spinning head on deluxe models Parental Discretion Advised)




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