May all your Moons be super…

Hubs and I had a date night Wednesday, and we took ourselves to our local drive-in movie theater…

There is nothing quite like entertaining yourself while waiting for the movie to start by trying (unsuccessfully) to sneak up on a Prairie Dog with your camera in hand…

As always when we get to have a date, we had ourselves a hella good time, and since it was a double feature we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning! Luckily Thursday is Hubs day off….

Our drive-in has 2 screens, and they play different double features on each. We debated back and forth for a couple of days and in fact, right up until we pulled up to the ticket gate about which set of movies we wanted to see. The deciding factor was whatever was playing on-screen not back-lit by the very bright setting sun!


East Screen….

West was a no brainer.

West Screen…it was a no brainer really…

So we saw “Man of Steel” (Nice eh-hem scenery in that one 🙂 ) and “42” which kinda pissed us off and made us sad at the same time as it’s the story of Jackie Robinsons entry into MLB…

In between features the Super Moon made its debut and I took a whole bunch of crappy pictures of it while playing with the settings on my camera (an activity I SUCK at, 99.9% of the time my camera stays on Auto)!



And then I put it in my art journal!



2 thoughts on “May all your Moons be super…

  1. Now I’m sad :(. We had a drive-in when we lived on our five acres and we’d go there with our friends and park next to each other and tailgate until the movie started. The theater frowned on bringing your own food but they didn’t patrol the area to check so we brought our own fried chicken, etc. When we moved to “town” we were jazzed to see there was a drive-in at the north end of town. Unfortunately we didn’t get over there last summer and now it’s gone. Wah!

    I’m glad you and Luke had a great time though! Drive-ins rock!

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