Sometimes ya gotta just do it….

After seeing some crazy-creative and inspirational examples of Art Journal pages, I bought some supplies and started one…

I gathered up my new purchases and some old supplies I had and wanted to use, stuffed them all into a tote bag and carried them to my comfy chair…and I played.

It was glorious fun!

So many of my creative outlet projects require me to sit at my sewing machine, or my work table or to hunker down in the garage, all of which kill my back after about 30 minutes….And while I adore sewing small projects and the painting/distressing old furniture projects and the decoupaging, it’s nice to have an outlet that allows me to create in comfort…

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, and have never worked with watercolors before, or the new “Payons” which are crayons that you can color with, blend with your finger or go over with a wet brush to create a watercolor effect (LOVE THEM) but I had my inspirational photos to use as examples so I just jumped in with both feet!

I started with a very small Journal, and goofed by buying one with lined pages. But I’m not really bothered by the lines, I’m just playing and having fun anyway…


So here’s my new-out-of-the-box journal….paid like $8 bucks for it on Amazon and the leather feels so soft and luxurious. That was a nice surprise!


And here’s what it looks like after I finished playing! I experimented with my new Payons, and the new pearlescent watercolors, used bubble wrap as a stamp as I’d seen in some of my examples, and then rubber stamps, distress ink and markers I had on hand…

I no clue how durable my new cover will be and don’t really care! If it all rubs or scratches off in a month I’ll paint it again! I couldn’t really find anything about whether painting my leather journal cover was do-able or not, so I just went for it…

After I admired it for a while  I wanted to do MORE. So I started my first Journal entry. I got so wrapped up in it I completely forgot about the eggs I had boiling on the stove and one of them cracked all to hell and I had this mess:


Heehee!! 🙂

My tuna salad will have one less egg, all so I could be creative!


I’ve heard that real life often suffers for art!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes ya gotta just do it….

  1. Beautiful! Well, not the eggs…but the other stuff :D.

    Also, something’s wonky either with my RSS feeder or the new blog because I am not getting updates when you post. I missed everything after Toddler-Speak till now. 😦 I’m on the hunt to figure out a solution though!

    Happy journaling!

    • I wonder if it had anything to do with the re-direct I set up on the old blog to send that traffic to the new one?

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