Ohhh what to do, what to do…

I’m feeling crafty…but have too many idea’s whirling through my noggin…

Brain is spinnin’…

Fingers are itchin’…


Wanna see the last thing I made?


That’s nice you say? But what is it??


Travel docs holder, that’s what!

Got the how-to HERE. Modified it a bit as I wanted it to be big enough to hold boarding passes etc…

Turned out great!

The next thing I attempted was a version of this:


Of course, the originator used an old book cover to attach her woven elastic mat to and me being well….ME…wanted to make it to match the doc holder and didn’t want to desecrate a book so I tried making mine out of fabric…


I didn’t really think it through and so after getting my cover all pieced together nice and pretty and my pockets attached to one side I sewed the stretched elastic to the other side and wah la! Sucker curled up from the tension…duh….

So I’ve taken it apart and may try to salvage it but that project doesn’t appeal to me right now….I’m like that. I think it’s the A.D.D!

I should finish painting in the basement…

I should work on any of the 953,546,856 projects I have lying around here….

But I doubt that I will!


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