42 Days…

That’s how many days I have to get my sh*t together before I leave for Guam, anybody want to take bets on how many things I forget no matter HOW many lists I make??

I leave July 23rd and come back September 25th…When I shared this news on FB, Avery’s Mom commented  “Seriously I don’t know how I’ll make it…. she’s not even gone yet and I’m already having separation anxiety. …. this baby better be really really good!!!!” Which made me giggle but also made me realize that 60 days away from home is a long, looooooong time and it’s gonna be tough no matter how tropical paradise-y Guam is….

So that’s my news. In the next 42 days you better believe I’ll be stocking up on all the Peanut hugs and kisses I can get before she squawks at me to put her down!

Here’s what’s going on around the homestead:


My lilac is blooming…I love that it’s a different variety than everyone else’s so it blooms after the others are done!


My Hot Wings Maple is COVERED with samara buds, and I was so afraid that the early thaw we had in February followed by the rest of winter had killed it (we lost another tree) so this makes me super happy! However the samaras turn vivid red in August so I’ll miss it…BOO.


My Columbine are gorgeous even after almost letting them die in the pots before planting them….my bad.


The branches on my Russian Olive tree are almost touching the ground which means it is woefully in need of pruning…ick.


Made this out of an old tomato cage turned upside down, some twine and old clay pots one day when I was bored and depressed. Cheered me right up!


I put the mini wheelbarrow I brought home from the Bremerton WA Goodwill to good use!


This was Peanut striding purposefully across the yard to tell me enough with the picture taking, it was time to go for a walk…


I found this plant stand on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It was brown. I changed that…. 🙂


I will never convince her it’s not an actual bike…


My Cat Mint is outta control again, mostly cuz I keep forgetting to divide it in the fall….


Love the expression, no clue what it means!


She’s trying to escape the hugs….

I’ve decided not to close the Blog, but I am going to move it to a free hosting site; WordPress, Blogger etc….any suggestions or recommendations? Pro’s or Con’s?


5 thoughts on “42 Days…

  1. I’m so glad spring is finally coming to you! Your yard looks lovely! And Peanut is growing way too fast!

    As for free-hosting – I’m on WordPress and I love it mostly. I think the issues I have are probably operator error. I’ve had mucho problems commenting on blogs hosted by Blogger. I thought at first it was our outdated browser at work and now that it’s updated I seem to have more luck so that could have been it.
    I guess I don’t really have a vote. Just so glad you’re going to keep on keeping on!

    Enjoy those Peanut hugs!

    • I’m strongly leaning toward WordPress as I already use their themes, tools and whatnot…. I know you don’t post a lot of media, I’m wondering if the free WordPress has a limit and will that be an issue for me who likes to include TONS of pics…research to be done!

      • The only limit I know of personally is the storage limit and without going to my dashboard and looking for it I couldn’t tell you what that is. I know if you upload media, post it and then remove it the image disappears from your post 😦 I found that out the hard way. I wanted to free up space so I deleted a bunch of the tee-shirt images and ABBACADABRA! They went away from the posts too! Sigh. Still learning.

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