May all your Moons be super…

Hubs and I had a date night Wednesday, and we took ourselves to our local drive-in movie theater…

There is nothing quite like entertaining yourself while waiting for the movie to start by trying (unsuccessfully) to sneak up on a Prairie Dog with your camera in hand…

As always when we get to have a date, we had ourselves a hella good time, and since it was a double feature we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning! Luckily Thursday is Hubs day off….

Our drive-in has 2 screens, and they play different double features on each. We debated back and forth for a couple of days and in fact, right up until we pulled up to the ticket gate about which set of movies we wanted to see. The deciding factor was whatever was playing on-screen not back-lit by the very bright setting sun!


East Screen….

West was a no brainer.

West Screen…it was a no brainer really…

So we saw “Man of Steel” (Nice eh-hem scenery in that one 🙂 ) and “42” which kinda pissed us off and made us sad at the same time as it’s the story of Jackie Robinsons entry into MLB…

In between features the Super Moon made its debut and I took a whole bunch of crappy pictures of it while playing with the settings on my camera (an activity I SUCK at, 99.9% of the time my camera stays on Auto)!



And then I put it in my art journal!



Sometimes ya gotta just do it….

After seeing some crazy-creative and inspirational examples of Art Journal pages, I bought some supplies and started one…

I gathered up my new purchases and some old supplies I had and wanted to use, stuffed them all into a tote bag and carried them to my comfy chair…and I played.

It was glorious fun!

So many of my creative outlet projects require me to sit at my sewing machine, or my work table or to hunker down in the garage, all of which kill my back after about 30 minutes….And while I adore sewing small projects and the painting/distressing old furniture projects and the decoupaging, it’s nice to have an outlet that allows me to create in comfort…

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, and have never worked with watercolors before, or the new “Payons” which are crayons that you can color with, blend with your finger or go over with a wet brush to create a watercolor effect (LOVE THEM) but I had my inspirational photos to use as examples so I just jumped in with both feet!

I started with a very small Journal, and goofed by buying one with lined pages. But I’m not really bothered by the lines, I’m just playing and having fun anyway…


So here’s my new-out-of-the-box journal….paid like $8 bucks for it on Amazon and the leather feels so soft and luxurious. That was a nice surprise!


And here’s what it looks like after I finished playing! I experimented with my new Payons, and the new pearlescent watercolors, used bubble wrap as a stamp as I’d seen in some of my examples, and then rubber stamps, distress ink and markers I had on hand…

I no clue how durable my new cover will be and don’t really care! If it all rubs or scratches off in a month I’ll paint it again! I couldn’t really find anything about whether painting my leather journal cover was do-able or not, so I just went for it…

After I admired it for a while  I wanted to do MORE. So I started my first Journal entry. I got so wrapped up in it I completely forgot about the eggs I had boiling on the stove and one of them cracked all to hell and I had this mess:


Heehee!! 🙂

My tuna salad will have one less egg, all so I could be creative!


I’ve heard that real life often suffers for art!


Senior Pics…round 2

Finished up taking our Beeee-U-tiful Kia’s Senior pics yesterday…

Low winds…


Here’s a few of my faves 🙂



Not because they’re the best or most suitable for framing….

Just ‘cuz they were fun!



The ’54 made a fun back drop!


We found the coolest tree with branches just made for sitting on, just around the corner from my house….who knew??


And my fav, titled “The Superhero”…


We giggled when we walked back to the house to view the pics and found this one!

This Kid is so much fun to be around, I just love her…


Ohhh what to do, what to do…

I’m feeling crafty…but have too many idea’s whirling through my noggin…

Brain is spinnin’…

Fingers are itchin’…


Wanna see the last thing I made?


That’s nice you say? But what is it??


Travel docs holder, that’s what!

Got the how-to HERE. Modified it a bit as I wanted it to be big enough to hold boarding passes etc…

Turned out great!

The next thing I attempted was a version of this:


Of course, the originator used an old book cover to attach her woven elastic mat to and me being well….ME…wanted to make it to match the doc holder and didn’t want to desecrate a book so I tried making mine out of fabric…


I didn’t really think it through and so after getting my cover all pieced together nice and pretty and my pockets attached to one side I sewed the stretched elastic to the other side and wah la! Sucker curled up from the tension…duh….

So I’ve taken it apart and may try to salvage it but that project doesn’t appeal to me right now….I’m like that. I think it’s the A.D.D!

I should finish painting in the basement…

I should work on any of the 953,546,856 projects I have lying around here….

But I doubt that I will!


My Toddler speak is rusty…

Peanut babbles/jabbers all. the. time….

About 1 sound in 562,265,566 is understandable…she mostly communications her needs/wants/wishes through a series of complicated grunts, whines and hand gestures which are sometimes accompanied by the stomping of her little feet….

Here’s the list of oft-spoken words and phrases discernible to grown up ears:

  1. NO.
  2. STOP.
  3. DON’T.
  4. Uh-uh
  5. Thank You
  6. Night Night
  7. Hi!
  8. Ow! (also sometimes Wow!)

This morning after asking/telling her repeatedly to get out from behind my couch (a suggestion she was FIRMLY opposed to), I was forced to physically remove her from behind said couch and put her in a 30 second time-out to which she very distinctly said “NOT NICE”….

I’d like to think she was acknowledging her own misbehavior but I’m realistically inclined to believe her newly coined phrase was her expressing her opinion of the imposed punishment…

I can’t prove it, but the other day I’m fairly certain our budding wordsmith uttered the phrase “F*ck off”….I supposed it could just as easily have been “Television” or maybe “Juice”…

I no longer speak Toddler…

I tried to find a tutorial online. Seriously, I Googled “Interpreting Toddler Speak” and “How to understand baby talk” and many variations thereof….The interwebs are as clueless on this subject as I am.


And so, I’ll continue my attempts to decipher her wants through a complicated and time consuming  process of elimination:

Peanut (standing in the middle of the kitchen, pointing in several directions simultaneously): “Aahneebabanish”

Gram: “Do you want a drink?”

Peanut: “NO!”

Gram: “Are you hungry?

Peanut (Volume increasing radically, and stomping from one foot to the other): “NONONO!” (jabbing chubby forefinger for emphasis)

Gram: (Going to refrigerator, desperation creeping into voice) “Do you want juice?” “Milk??”


Gram: “Cookie??” “Raisins??” “Cash????” “Do you want to go Night Night??”

Peanut (Moving to a cabinet, up on tippy toes, attempting to open a drawer) AAAAAWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!”

Gram (Opening the drawer, lifting Baby up to see in it) WHA???”

Peanut (Reaching into drawer to retrieve a refrigerator magnet she stashed in there weeks ago): “Thank You” (Making happy baby noises and grinning from ear to ear)

Gram: “OY”

Someone needs to publish a Toddler to English translation book….

Peanut finger