A matter of opinion and a gorgeous girl…

Yesterday I took Senior pictures of my Kia, cuz her Mommy (Bambi-Lou) asked me to. And cuz I heart them both…

It’s hard to get a bad picture of a girl who’s gorgeous and fun and up for anything, but the WIND yesterday was NOT our friend and ruined some pretty shots for us. Stooopid wind…

Out of 149 shots, I edited down to about 25. Because I tend to hold the shutter down and just go “click click click” ending up with 15 shots that look exactly the same I had a lot of duplicates that got deleted, also a few that in my head the pose/location was great but in reality looked awkward (hate that)…and then the ones kiboshed by the wind which were still fun but not suitable for framing!

In spite of it all, I did get some good ones:

This one is my fav, I love the light!


This one is Kia’s fav, she loved the red doors! I want to go back and redo this one, I could have framed it better….


This is her Mommy’s fav, she likes the big smiles!


Britt loved this one, I think because she loves that crazy tree at the park!


This one’s just gorgeous to me…


This one’s just FUN!


You know it’s windy when it messes up SHORT hair!

We’re going for round 2 in a few days when Kia’s work schedule and THE WIND coincide, new locations, new giggles and a new day spent with a delightful girl. Yay for me!


4 thoughts on “A matter of opinion and a gorgeous girl…

  1. What Bambi lou said! Those are great photos Grammy – I love the second one on the tree, so awesome! But you’re right about the light in that first one – it’s an incredible shot.

    Man am I jealous: you are so multi-talented woman! šŸ˜€

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