A letter to my Granddaughter…

Dear Peanut/Peanut Butter Baby/Nutter Butter/Nutters/Knot Head,

I heart you…

No really, I do. A whole big bunch. Like to the moon and back. Like to infinity X infinity….

I want to thank you for being so good on our road trip. Cuz you were very, VERY, wonderfully, outstandingly, tremendously GOOD. Like, so good I couldn’t believe it. Everyone said so, it’s not just Gram being all biased and stuff…

Take for instance, the Graduation ceremony…in the High School gym, the one with no air conditioning. The one with no AC on a evening it was 90 degrees with 99% humidity outside. The one who was jam packed with sweaty folks who’s deodorant was failing in the sweltering heat…You just took turns sitting on my lap or Poppa’s, calmly taking in all the Pomp and Circumstance and smell of B.O…Not a whimper or a whine came from you (as opposed to myself) even though you’d woken up that morning with a fever and were all congested and had a nasty cough. We all knew you didn’t feel good, but you came through like a CHAMP….for that alone you deserve a pony…

When you fell asleep halfway between the School and the following party for your graduating cousin, Poppa and I knew that waking you up to be passed around amongst all the family who would be attending the party was not an option and so we skipped it, carried you carefully into the hotel room and let you sleep, cuz you deserved it….

You made it up to the family the next day by giggling that deep, husky giggle of yours when you played and giving everyone lots of smiles and a few hugs…In short, you charmed the pants off them and now they all know why we’re so crazy about you…They get it.

Little Charmer…



1 thought on “A letter to my Granddaughter…

  1. Brava Peanut! Years from now when you’re a teeny-bopper and driving everyone crazy with whatever the new music fad is, I hope your Grammy remembers how good you were this past weekend!

    Yeah, like you COULD drive your Grammy crazy! 😉

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