On the road again….

4 A.M. Thursday morning saw Hubs, Peanut & I packed up and hitting the road to my childhood home of NW Arkansas….my gorgeous Great Niece is graduating from high school as the valedictorian. We’re so incredibly proud of her!


This is how Peanut looked 5 minutes into the trip…

Somewhere around 75 miles into the 950 we had to go, a freaking pheasant flew across the highway & smacked into our windshield causing me to need a clean set of underwear….Peanut slept through it…


She’s now a huge fan of McDonald’s playland…

Can I just say it’s a loooong boring drive across the Plains? Seriously….


Our Baby has a gypsy spirit apparently. Natural born traveller…

I haven’t traveled with a toddler in about 26 years, but I recall a lot more whining & fussing than we got from Peanut….what a trouper!


One of our stops, I love how her hair shines like a new penny in the sun…

We played with the 345,765,298 new toys I bought for the trip…she’s now addicted to sticker books…


Stickers….not JUST for paper anymore


Ok. I may or may not have instigated the stickers on the face biz….

I’m pretty sure I complained about wanting out of the truck more than she did….


She commandeered my Kindle tablet…

IMG_20130516_121805_562-1-2 (2)

Napped a little…


Played a lot…


And yes, had a couple of meltdowns after about 12 hours in her car seat…

In all, the 15 hour trip was better than anticipated….

Today our mission is to chill & catch up with the Fam, I can’t wait!

We’ll head home at O-dark thirty Sunday morning…wish us luck!



One thought on “On the road again….

  1. I don’t blame her! 12 hours in the same seat? Even with breaks that would get old — as I’m sure you can attest to since you did it right along with her!

    Enjoy the mini-vacation and graduation! Safe travels home my friend.


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