Still loving the new digs…

The last renovation update that I never showed you was the tile back splash Hubs put up while I was gone to Seattle in March…

I know, I know…I’m sloooowww…





I adore the colors in the tile! I looked and looked, couldn’t find anything that matched the picture in my head. (Don’t you hate that?? Drives me nuts…) I ended up ordering 4 different samples from an online mosaic tile company, fell in love with this one and placed my order. Can we say YAY for free shipping?? Double YAY for a sale on the one I chose!

Did ya catch the other new addition to the cabinets??


Without a doubt, my favorite feature of our renovated kitchen!!

Cuz I’m 5…

When I planned it, I intended to use it for menus, or grocery lists (at least, that’s how I justified it in my head) but I can honestly and without shame admit that nothing remotely useful has been written on it. I have however cursed at the Lotto Gods, Old Man Winter, I’ve whined about various things and occasionally quoted someone from Duck Dynasty…

OK, I’m 4…

Moving on…

I finished my new sofa pillows…


They make me smile….


Especially this one! The wording was printed on the fabric using my printer…How in the hell did I do that, you ask?? Cut the fabric to standard paper size, ironed it onto the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper, made Vivi find me a pretty font and format what I wanted to say and then hit PRINT! Easy peasy and now I want to make 564,597,837 more things with fun stuff printed on it!


I got this fabric to use on a throw quilt. I’m taking a class….God help me.


4 thoughts on “Still loving the new digs…

  1. Heaven help the instructor doncha mean? If she’s boring or inept I can see some fanny-whuppin’ by Grammy in her future! 😀

    I LOVE the tile! I seem to use ALL CAPS a lot for your posts. How else can I express myself here when I really, really like something? The tile is awesomeness! And how cool is the chalkboard? I tried to get a smallish dry erase board for shopping lists, etc but Hubs thought bigger was better. So we ended up with a calendar style dry erase board that fit nicely in the farm house kitchen but is now hidden next to a cabinet in the dining room and almost never gets used.

    Leave it to you to make your pillow on your printer! That makes me smile too. That and the ladybug.

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