A day to be thankful…

I miss my Mom.

If you’re “Mom” to someone, whether you gave birth to them or not, Bless you and have a most fabulous day! You’ve earned it…

Being a Mom in the true spirit of the word is hard work, it takes a LOT of energy to Love so ferociously, to care for and nurture with joy and abandon…

To all the Mom’s out there who are selflessly loving, laughing when they feel like crying, cuddling, playing or reading one more story no matter how sleep deprived they are, smoothing the way, teaching and encouraging, THANK YOU!


Have a deliciously wonderful day!

And to all of you who aren’t a “Mom”,  Happy Sunday! Enjoy it doing whatever makes your heart smile…



5 thoughts on “A day to be thankful…

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Grammy! What a sweet post, and so true. I know my blog said it yesterday but it was on autopilot ’cause I knew I’d be too busy to get to a computer all weekend. I hope you did something way fun to celebrate!

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