When Gus is grown he needs to be my Driver…

Like my own personal version of “Driving Miss Daisy”…


Cuz lookie what I made for him:


His mobile!


This will be his view of his mobile…


His bedding set; quilt, bumper pad and crib skirt! His Mommy found a set online with these colors and fell in love…problems was the $400 price tag. Yikes right?? I made it for about $150…

The quilt is gorgeous if you don’t look to closely… πŸ™‚


I’m also making matching chair pads for his rocker but since we forgot to measure it before it got shipped to Guam, I’ll have to do that when I get there in July! And maybe a window valance if we have enough fabric leftover…

This was also for his Dad, but it still counts towards Gus’s Chauffeuring debt:


It was just fun for me!

Can’t wait to be chauffeured!


3 thoughts on “When Gus is grown he needs to be my Driver…

  1. I love the movile! How cool that Gus will get to know aliens right along with getting to know people! πŸ˜€

    I agree with Vivi, those are great colors; I’d use them in my own bedroom in a heartbeat. Yes, Gus definitely is gonna owe you!

    Please tell me those are iron-on letters and not that you hand-painted those…I will have a huge jealous if you hand lettered those shirts!

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