Sarcasm spoken here….

I have the greatest friends….. Witness:

ResizedImage_1367888068339 (2)

This came in the mail today from my dear friend Bubbe!

I can’t tell you how much I wish I’d taken a close up of the wording but it says “Danger is my middle name” & below that in fine print “Warning: I’ve got Kung Foo grip, projectile vomiting & mad nun chuck skills”


Captain America approves...of course.

Captain America approves…of course.

And this:

I can't wait to see this on her!

I can’t wait to see this on her!

Just when I thought I was done giggling, my doorbell rang & this happened:


Compliments of my friend & former co-worker Kathy….

Not much amuses me more than sarcastic & slightly inappropriate baby wear!!

Thank you for the giggles my friends, y’all rock!



3 thoughts on “Sarcasm spoken here….

  1. Hahahahahaha! I LOVE that last one! I’d so give that to one of my daughters if they weren’t so Victorian (shudder)! The only one who would really appreciate it (and let the baby wear it in public) is the one who isn’t having children! Sigh.

    So happy they arrived before Vivi and the Captain took their leave! And I can’t wait to see Peanut in hers either!

    Vivi – it was truly my pleasure! I had so much fun anticipating; the only thing better would have been to see everyone’s face when the package was opened!

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