Just a little sumpin’…

Busy, busy, busy…that’s been my week so far with no signs of letting up.

This is Vivi’s last week home *sniffle*, Captain America arrives on Friday *clapping hands* and the BabyQ is on Sunday…

Lots. To. Do.

As I speak, all my furniture that can be moved by me has been piled onto the big furniture in preparation of the carpet cleaning dudes coming shortly. My carpets are gross. (take my word for it) so we’ll be confined to the basement today while they work their magic upstairs…

Yesterday all three dogs made a trip to the groomers (again, take my word, much grossness existed. Plus a pungent stink) and it was my day to watch Peanut. In leiu of getting any of the 564,562,865 productive things on my to-do list done, I did this:


Painted, painted some more, and then painted another layer, sanded and glazed a table top set…

I’ve had the tray for about a kathousand years (remember the picture frame from this post?) and the salt/pepper mills came from the Goodwill.

I started with a quick layer of a cherry red chalk paint, (just wanted a bit to peek thru when I sanded) then put on 2 layers of an off white chalk paint (both colors homemade from about a 1/4 cup of latex paint, a tablespoon of Plaster of Paris and 2 tablespoons of hot water). Lastly I added the brown and Tiffany blue accents (used a Q-tip to make the dots). Then the fun part: the distressing!


Peanut helped! 🙂

The last step was glazing everything with a mud brown glaze….

I kinda adore them on my table….




Happy, Happy, Happy!

Enjoy your day!



3 thoughts on “Just a little sumpin’…

  1. Look at you — making your own paint! And those are adorable!

    P.S. Look for a package from Cafe Press sometime next week. I’m so bummed it won’t get there before Vivi leaves! 😦

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