Santa and the Mrs….


If Hub’s hair and beard were white and if mine were white(er) and I wore one of those puffy kerchief hat thingies and we both had a penchant for fur trimmed red clothing, we’d be dead ringers for The Claus’s.

When it’s April and not December that ain’t a good thing….

It’s cuz we’re getting fat(ER) y’all. Like, we’ve both had to purchase bigger pants…Personally I don’t give a hoot but the Hubs is concerned to the point he has requested that I stop buying him soda….


So I’m working on menu’s for the next 2 weeks. Lighter recipes, not meals consisting of nuthin’ but rabbit food (Let’s not get NUTS here) and as I was thinking about this I wandered over to my fav food blog and hit the Motha Load of lightened up recipes!

Seriously, I’ve got a whole bunch of yummy meals planned plus some desserts (cuz, HELLO it’s still me and I need some desserty goodness in my face from time to time. OK, everyday)….It was like one stop shopping. Except I do still have to ACTUALLY go shopping for the stuff to make all this skinny yumminess so there’s that….

Pinch of Yum…

Lindsay has a whole big mongo section in her recipe archives of nuttin’ but lightened up, healthier recipes. It’s like she knew my fat ass was gonna need help someday. Her pictures are divine (duh) and I’ve never tried one of her recipes that didn’t live up to the pic….I’m putting the fate of our chubby taste buds in her hands….

I ain’t skeered.

See? Lindsay takes THE BEST food pics like EVA'...

See? Lindsay takes THE BEST food pics like EVA’…

I think this may be what I make first….BBQ Chicken Pizza. Cuz just looking at the pic makes me hungry….

In the meantime, I’ll just be sitting over here in my comfy fat pants, waiting for the damn snow to melt, envisioning myself a svelte size 16…



5 thoughts on “Santa and the Mrs….

  1. That pizza looks way eatable! And I’d almost kill to be a size 16 again…sigh. But I have a plan in the works – shhh, it’s a secret for now. πŸ˜‰

  2. This site has a lot of good recipes on it

    I know you all keep getting snow but I would go for a 20 min walk each day and build up the time and distance and you will see a change pretty soon. I try and walk the dogs before dinner time and if you really think about it 20-30 mins is not much time out of the day.
    Good luck and if I find anymore good recipes I will let you know.

    HUGS and I know you both can do this!!!!!

      • Walking is not hard to do and it wont take up much time!!!! Yes I did kinda yell but if your wanting to change your eating habits then I would say start walking and drink more water. Its the little things you can change that will make a difference and you will see changes soon.

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