I have the A.D.D. of decorating…


I redid my ottoman….again….

I found some really great fabric that I liked better than the really great fabric I covered the top of the ottoman with a few months ago. It’s a sickness I think…

I can’t resist all the pretty fabrics, especially when they’re on sale!

“Hi, I’m Grammy and I’m addicted to redecorating stuff I’ve already redecorated at least once.”

So there!







I know I said when I covered it the first time that I like having a lot of color in my house, and I still do. However, since we renovated and painted the walls from butter yellow to white/grey those bold stripes just didn’t look right….

Plus, I think that antique-y (is too a word!) looking script and post marks on the new fabric are FABULOUS!

So I put some on a lamp shade too…



Love this lamp base, I’ve always been kinda bored with the suede shade. So….



First I had 5 layers of ruffles. I lived with it for about an hour, staring at it and thinking to myself “Why don’t I love it?? I should love it…” and then I pulled all but the bottom ruffle off (thank God for hot glue, it’s kinda forgiving like that sometimes) and added 3 more layers. Now I love it…

For a minute…

Check back in 6 months, I’m sure I’ll have redone it again by then!


P.S….Remember the pillows I re-did at the same time as the ottoman??


Yeah….they’re toast! Bought new fabric for them too!

It’s a sickness I tell ya….


One thought on “I have the A.D.D. of decorating…

  1. I adore the new fabric on the ottoman! I’ve never been a fan of ruffles much but I like what you did with the layers. Looking forward to seeing your “NEW” pillows! πŸ™‚

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