When bygones ain’t bygone…

What do you do when peeps just won’t let go of a grudge despite your best efforts to mend the fence?

I humbled myself and apologized for my transgression.  In lieu of a “Ah Girl, it’s all good and I’m sorry  I hurt your feelings too, lets kiss and make up” (or even “I accept your apology, have a nice life”) I was patronized. I let it go after that and haven’t tried again. It’s been almost a year….

The Family is planning another reunion/get together for this fall and I’m respectfully declining to attend. I know I’d feel super uncomfortable and can’t help but think the other person would as well even though she’s way more proficient at graciously holding a fake smile than I am.  I know when I’m out matched….

It saddens me, I can’t lie. Once upon a time we were so close that she asked me to be her son’s guardian should anything ever happened to her. There are other family members that I would love to spend time catching up with and some I’d love the chance to get to know better. I’ll miss giving and receiving hugs from them all, but ya know how you can sense when there’s tension between people? I don’t want them to have to feel that awkwardness and risk ruining their trip…

Anybody have a suggestion? I’m open…like seriously open and asking for help here.

part of your life

Do I give up and make this my new motto?

What say you?



4 thoughts on “When bygones ain’t bygone…

  1. I got nuthin’ honey. 😦 If you made a heartfelt attempt to mend fences and were merely patronized I don’t know where to go from there. Maybe someone else will pop in with some really wise advice. Fingers crossed and and big hugs aimed your way my friend.

  2. I so understand what your saying but you can’t let that one person control how you feel. I say go and see your family and who cares how it makes that one person feels about it and since this person does not care about you I say who cares about them. Its your family also and this one person will keep winning if you don’t show your face. Go and have fun with your family. Laugh and enjoy yourself and maybe if this person see’s your having a blast they will get jealous and will want to be apart of the fun times.

  3. Never let someone ruin your fun. You can’t make everyone happy, but you damn sure can make yourself happy. So never let anyone else influence your decision to do whatever makes you happy. Plus, is there any sweeter revenge than being in the same room with someone you dont care for and having a great time despite them?

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