Fun for Mom…

Spent yesterday with my Girls…

It was glorious!

Did I tell y’all my youngest landed herself a stupendous new job?? She did! Yesterday Chef Vivi helped her pick out the 4 pairs of scrubs the Dr at her new job provides. I was all ready to give my oh-so-valuable fashion opinions as well, but Peanut fell asleep in the car so I stayed with her while she caught a little nap…Her Mommy will soon be the newest surgical tech for a local Ophthalmologist and she’s super excited to get to wear scrubs to work everyday again!

We went to Hobby Lobby, where I purchased the rest of the stuff I needed to finish Gus-Gus’s crib bedding. And some stuff I didn’t need but really, really wanted…I mean honestly, who’s surprised that I overspent at Hobby Lobby? No one, that’s who…


Come on….this was NEEDED.


Look how great it filled the wall above my dresser…it was destiny to find it 50% off.

It needed to happen, and I’m not one bit remorseful, so there!

Brit brought over 2 MONGO boxes of maternity clothes to pass down to her big Sis so between the new scrubs for her and preggo clothes for Viv, we had ourselves a fashion show in my bedroom…


Scrubs are so much cuter than they used to be and Brit says it’s like wearing PJ’s…I need some.

22 weeks

Look at that belly!! My Grandson’s in there, heehee!


Peanut was frustrated that none of the clothes fit her….

As Viv was digging her way through the boxes of clothes, she made 2 piles; one was “to try on” and the other was “Pink. Hell no”…..Brit kept sneaking pink stuff into the “try on” pile when she wasn’t looking….Viv scowled, Brit ignored her and I giggled!

Days spent with all 3 of my girls are always wonderful and filled with giggles, I need more of them! (The days, not the girls. Unless it’s another Granddaughter and then it’s ok!)



2 thoughts on “Fun for Mom…

  1. Yay fashion show! What a great day! Love Brit’s scrubs! (Like PJs you say? I’ma wonderin’ do they come in humongous size?:)) Did she cut her hair recently? It looks great!

    We’re getting a Hobby Lobby! Not in my town but the next one over, about 15 minutes away – I can’t wait to go check it out. Even though I’m not nearly as crafty as you are I still enjoy browsing. And of COURSE you had to have that tray!

    Have a good weekend Grammy!

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